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The T-14 (Russian Tank developed in 2014) has a good gun (about 40 km range), but it is so heavy that it can only be moved by train! The drive range on it's internal fuel tanks is only 45 to 50 miles!

In addition, very, very few bridges in Russia - much less Europe NATO countries can support the weight. I have seen reports that only 1 or 2 can drive across the most robust bridges at a time... And soon the bridge will start to degrade.

Finally, all T-14 are easy to stop with hits by our cluster guided bombs from the top. We can now release these bombs some 100 miles out and "Fly them in on a line of tanks and fuel trucks easily."

Basically, the Russians can use them to drive into cities for occupation at or near their own borders like they always have in the Cold War.

Did you know we have 155 Field guns firing Hypersonic shells over 300 miles already in the field? These are guided by 3 methods and can take out bridges and rail far into Russia - or anywhere.

Did you know we have fielded Himar systems, the Army and Marine rocket field rocket packs, now able to go Hypersonic and fly nearly 500 miles. Our labs are close to 1,000 miles...

Heavens knows how far advanced we are over the Russians and Chinese on the new Tomahawk variants and what they can do and what packages they have. RTN has been real busy turning out many of these.

I wouldn't worry too much about T-14's. I would worry about NATO not paying for gear they promised to buy - and NOT HAVING VERY MANY TRAINED MEN IN UNIFORM! The World is getting dangerous again... MP7Watch.