Video Analysis: Mattis Steps Up Mil-to-Mil & Cyber Defense with South America

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Video Report Above: What Did Mattis Accomplish in South America

By Kris Osborn - Warrior Maven Global Security

US Defense Secretary James Mattis is calling for massively stepped up military-to-military and security operations with Argentina as part of a broader US government effort to better combat illicit drug trafficking, cybercrime, money laundering and terrorist activity.

Making the first trip by a US Defense Secretary to Argentina since Sec. Donald Rumsfeld in 2005, Mattis asked the Argentinian Defense Minister for more teamwork between soldiers, sailors and airmen of our two democracies.

I look forward to finding new ways to deepen our mutually beneficial defense relationship. When trouble looms, whether a natural disaster or naval vessel in distress, you will find us stranding beside you, Mattis said in a public appearance in Buenos Aires with Argentine Minister of Defense Oscar Aquad, according to a DoD transcript.

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