Video: Will F-35 Mission Data Files Include Russian & Chinese Stealth

Warrior Maven

Warrior Maven Video Above: Will the F-35 Mission Data Files Identify Russian & Chinese Stealth Fighters?

By Kris Osborn - Warrior Maven

The Pentagon's F-35 is conducting attacks, surveillance operations and combat missions with an updated on-board “threat library” of Mission Data Files engineered to identify enemy threats in key regions around the globe.

“The AORs (Areas of Responsibility) for current operations where our forces are -- currently have adequate Mission Data Files,” Vice Adm. Mat Winter, Program Executive Officer for the F-35 program, told a group of reporters.

Described as the brains of the airplane, the "mission data files" are extensive on-board data systems compiling information on geography, air space and potential threats-- such as enemy fighter jets -- in areas where the F-35 might be expected to perform combat operations, Air Force officials explained.

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