HA HA! They call me Hose B. Cabrone. HA HA! I SAID...THEY CALL ME HOSE B. CABRONE!!! HA HA! I'm a US Marshal and I have many cops on my crew and they help me make BIG BUCKS!! HA HA! My cousin, Fat Eddie, works at the 121 Precinct Detective Sqaud and he gets me and my crew out of bad situations. HA HA! My girlfriend is Ho Ho Depalo and she always takes good care of me and my crew. HA HA! I love the Boston Red Sox and Miller's Ale House is my second home. HA HA! I love to kick it at the West Shore Motel. HA HA! My dad died a few years ago, so now I do whatever I want. HA HA! Ya feel me playa? LET'S BE REAL! HA HA!


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