Kim Japuntich 3 mins ·

So two nights ago, at local gas station, a lake county sheriff pulled in as we were leaving. I got out of car, and walked up to the Deputy and thanked him for everything they do to protect us, risking it all without hesitation. Shook his hand, and he thanked me. My daughter with me hands me her debit card and asked me to go in had station and pay for anything the Deputy was I did. He had the most wonderful grin and proceeded to hug and thank me. Then, he let me know that in 30 years on the job, this was the first time anyone did this for him....broke my heart. I love paying it forward without expecting anything in return. So I do it often. And, I couldn't have been more proud of my daughter!! Just wanted to share in support of our first responders. God bless all of them!!!