I remember an evening on patrol when a call came in about a woman who had been yelling at a baby crying for about a day and a half. Well for a couple days neighbors had been noticing no sounds of a baby could be heard from the residence and the woman was acting unusual and the reporting residences asked for a welfare check on the woman’s residence. Upon arrival, my partner and I had knocked on the door for several minutes which seemed like forever. Finally the woman answered while appearing distraught. We asked if we could come in and talk to her. Long story-short, we asked her if a baby was in the home and the woman nervously answered “no” so we asked if we could look around and the woman said “yes”. While looking around we opened a small door that looked like a small storage room and we observed a medium size cardboard box that had dark brownish-reddish stains all around the sides facing us. As we continued further investigation we noticed the entire cardboard box had the same color all around it and an odor coming from it.. Turns out the woman had killed her baby and cut it up then put the remains in the cardboard box.. her story was she got tired of the babies constant crying..

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