Woman Who Lied About Trooper Raping Her Won't Be Charged For False Report


A legal loophole allows Sherita Dixon Cole to avoid charges for her false claims.

Ellis County, TX - The Ellis County District Attorney has announced that they will not be filing additional charges against Sherita Dixon Cole for her false claims of being raped by a trooper.

After Dixon Cole was arrested for DUI, she used the jail phone to make calls detailing a fabricated story about being raped by a trooper, according to KDFW.

She then reported to the corrections officers that she was raped, and so they transported her to the hospital for an examination.

While at the hospital, Dixon Cole refused to be treated or examined.

Ellis County District Attorney Patrick Wilson explained that the incident doesn't meet the criteria for a criminal act, according to KDFW.

In order to be charged with filing a false report, Dixon Cole would have needed to make a false complaint to a sworn peace officer.

However, Ellis County Jail corrections officers are not sworn peace officers.

The corrections officers referred Dixon Cole to make her complaint to Texas Department of Public Safety, but she never did.

Because she never actually complained to a peace officer, she's able to avoid all criminal charges from her false report.

Dixon Cole's DWI charge is still pending.

Even though criminal charges are off the table, the troopers affected by her false allegations may still file a civil lawsuit.

​Texas State Trooper Jarrod Hubbard has already hired an attorney ready to take action against Shaun King and attorney Lee Merritt for spreading the false story when they only identified the arresting officer by the last name Hubbard. A different Trooper Hubbard was Dixon Cole's arresting officer.

Trooper Hubbard's father, Bell County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Norman Hubbard, told Fox News, “We’re going after them.”

On Monday, Shaun King definitively stated that Trooper Hubbard stopped Sherita Dixon Cole, arrested her because she had an attitude, groped her, threatened to murder her fiance and plant a gun on his body, drove her behind an abandoned car dealership and raped her, then booked her into jail on false charges.

The 2-hour long bodycam video very clearly showed that the woman was arrested for DUI, and it's impossible for any of the allegations to be true.

The post instantly resulted in thousands of people flooding the jail with phone calls so that they don't "Sandra Bland" Dixon Cole.

Sandra Bland killed herself while in a jail in 2015, and anti-police conspiracy theorists say that she was actually murdered by police who staged a suicide, and that she was actually dead when they took her mugshot using her body.

The trooper who was being falsely accused was actually Trooper Daniel Hubbard.

The mob searched Facebook for the trooper and located Trooper Jarrod Hubbard's profile.

“His picture was the first thing that came up,” Chief Deputy Norman Hubbard told Fox News. “One person posted on Twitter my name and date of birth, my wife’s name and date of birth and my son’s name and date of birth.”

Chief Deputy Hubbard tells Fox News that his son received "thousands" of death threats.

Blue Lives Matter was able to locate some of the comments with death threats which exposed information on Trooper Jarrod Hubbard's family. Screenshots of some of those comments are still up on our initial story.

One of the people who released Trooper Jarrod Hubbard's family member's information has contacted Blue Lives Matter demanding the screenshot be removed, and that she was documenting the notice, presumably so she can sue us.

Due to her request to remove the screenshot, we have redacted her name from it:

Fox News reports that on Monday, Trooper Jarrod Hubbard hired an attorney who sent notice to King and Merritt and asked them to “minimize the harm that has been and is being caused" by “disclosing that my client is not and has been erroneously identified as the Officer Daniel Hubbard involved in the event.”

“The identification error has defamed and is defaming my client and his family resulting in substantial harassment and threats necessitating his discontinuation of his Facebook page and need and request for protection for himself and his family from appropriate law enforcement agencies,” the letter from Trooper Jarrod Hubbard's attorney said.

Neither King or Merritt responded according to Fox News, and neither man appears to have made any such clarification.

Trooper Jarrod Hubbard had to take time off of work and was reportedly placed under protection of the Texas Rangers.

Before the latest rape allegations, Merritt had previously made false claims against another officer which was disproved by bodycam video in January. After that false claim, Merritt refused to apologize and simply told people that the claims were false.

He was also accused of practicing law without a Texas license.

However, after the latest bodycam was released following the rape allegations, even Merritt had the decency to apologize.

"It is deeply troubling when innocent parties are falsely accused and I am truly sorry for any trouble these claims may have caused Officer Hubbard and his family. I take full responsibility for amplifying these claims to the point of national concern," Merritt said.

But Shaun King lacks even the decency of an attorney with a shady history.

In a lengthy response, Shaun King lied and suggested that the video shows that the trooper lacked probable cause to arrest Dixon Cole.

"The officer administered a DUI test and she passed every physical requirement and request over the course of twenty straight minutes of being examined," King said. This is not true.

The video clearly shows Dixon Cole giving numerous clues of impairment on the scientifically-validated standardized field sobriety tests.

He does admit that the accusations against the trooper are clearly false.

"Earlier today I was able to review nearly two hours of body camera footage provided by the police department," King said. "The footage appears to be authentic and trustworthy. At no time does it show any of the horrible allegations originally made by Sherita Dixon-Cole. The officer never threatens her or her fiancé as she described. No sexual assault of any kind takes place. From all indications the officer, Daniel Hubbard, was very professional and patient throughout the ordeal. The whole thing was rather routine and painfully normal."

But what is most disturbing is that King claims that he's a victim and fails to acknowledge or apologize his role in victimizing a falsely-accused trooper.

"But Sherita Dixon-Cole is not one of those victims. She victimized us. She victimized the man she falsely accused and she victimized those who stood up for her — believing that she had experienced the worst crimes," King posted.

King's post admitting that he spread false information is estimated to have been shared about 1/20th as much as his original post with the false accusations.

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I'd be willing to contribute to the officer's lawsuit.

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I understand she didn’t swear to a sworn peace officer. So in saying that she needs her a$& sued and he needs to clean her out. I would not stop until I made sure that she had nothing.


King has made a living out of pretending to be black. Amazingly, he has a lot of stupid people who follow him and believe the nonsense he writes. Well this time he may have gone too far. In the end, he'll be fighting at least two lawsuits for slandering the names of the officers who share the same last name. I can't wait to see how this turns out.

Lt Retired OCPD
Lt Retired OCPD

All of those involved should be sued whether they started or perpetuated the story. A strong message needs to be sent. As a matter of principle I don’t like the body cams because they do not tell the complete story. I know in my 35 year career I have been the victim of false complaints and it was usually up to the Officer to prove to the municipality that it didn’t happen. Go get em guys.


So what? Women make false accusations of sexual assault all.the.time. and most never experience any penalties for it. White women are especially notorious for this, especially against black men. In this case its a black woman claiming assault from a white male. I can understand you closet bigots being sensitive to this. So deal with her getting away with it and move on.


@SoberProgressive That's the pot calling the kettle black if I've ever heard it. Shut the fuck up.


@Hi_estComnDenomn, speaking of racist, you fit that to a 'T'. Without your racist rants, excuses and cause, you wouldn't have anything to say. Thus, you should take your own advice, 'STFU'. Or, quit writing under a different name, like Marxest.


@Marxest - once again you bring race into the situation. It's sad in it's predictability. What this woman did - and Shaun King did by perpetuating her B's - was cause an enormous amount of harm to two good men. People have to be held accountable for their actions.


Excellent redactions @BlueLivesMatter! Very hilarious! It's interesting that DaShana can dish out death threats against someone she doesn't know for fake accusations but she's unable to stand up to the consequences for her own vile deeds.


@Marxest “So what? Women make false accusations of sexual assault all.the.time. and most never experience any penalties for it. White women are especially notorious for this, especially against black men. In this case its a black woman claiming assault from a white male. I can understand you closet bigots being sensitive to this. So deal with her getting away with it and move on.” . So what you are saying it is okay to get away with this depending on what color you are. At least we know you aren't a “closet bigot”. Or a “closet [racist]”. Your kind really suck. Just like the KKK and H_C Dumbshit.


What a bunch of bu11sh*t!

Burgers Allday
Burgers Allday

Anyone here want to see criminal charges against the Milwaukee officers who put false allegations in the arrest report for Sterling Brown?