Woman Charged With Murder For Pushing Elderly Man Who Asked Her To Be 'Nicer'

Cadesha Bishop has been charged with murder in the death of 74-year-old Serge Fournier.

Las Vegas, NV – An elderly man who was shoved off a bus by an irate woman in March has died of his injuries (video below).

Cadesha Bishop, 25, has been charged with open murder on an elderly vulnerable person in the death of 74-year-old Serge Fournier, KSNV reported.

The incident occurred on March 21, as Fournier was preparing to exit a Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) bus at the intersection of Fremont Street and 13th Street, according to KSNV.

Bishop, who was riding the bus with her son, was swearing at other riders, according to police.

As Fournier retrieved his rolling walker and waited for his turn to exit the bus, he told Bishop that she should “be nicer to passengers,” witnesses said.

Surveillance footage from the bus showed the brief exchange.

Fournier then moved past Bishop, and positioned himself to head down the stairs and onto the street.

But as he stood at the top of the steps with his back facing Bishop, she suddenly shoved him with both hands from behind, sending him sailing down the stairs and onto the pavement below, the video showed.

Fournier landed on his head.

After the attack, Bishop ignored the injured man, offered no assistance, and walked away with her son, police said, according to KSNV.

She was later identified using the RTC bus video.

Fournier was ultimately transported to the hospital by an ambulance, and remained hospitalized until his death on April 23, KSNV reported.

He died due to complications of injuries he sustained from being shoved off the bus, the Clark County coroner determined.

He leaves behind his disabled wife, who has been struggling financially in the wake of her loss, said his friend, Trevor Taylor.

“He was an excellent neighbor – a very nice, religious person,” Taylor said, holding back tears. “I will always remember him being a wonderful person.”

You can watch footage of the attack in the RTC surveillance video below. WARNING -Graphic Content.

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His widow should sue Bishop for everything she has. Personally, I am hoping this low quality individual spends a decade in prison. She is a danger to the rest of society

militans Deo
militans Deo

Bitch should have been beaten to a bloody fucking pulp by the other people on the bus.


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