Woman Charged With Hate Crime For Targeting White People

Kimberly Jordan is being charged with a hate crime for her attack.

Gaithersburg, MD – A black woman has been charged with a hate crime for her attack on two white passengers on a bus on Monday.

Witnesses said that 24-year-old Kimberly Jordan announced that she hated “white people” before she attacked two passengers on a moving Ride On bus, near the intersection of Frederick Avenue and Travis Avenue, just north of the Lakeforest Mall, WJLA-TV reported.

The incident began at about 9 p.m. on June 18, when Jordan began mumbling about hating white people as she sat on the moving bus, according to the bus driver who witnessed the entire altercation.

A short while later, Jordan, who weighs 250 pounds, stood up and slugged an unsuspecting white female passenger in the face, WJLA reported.

When a white male passenger attempted to defend his friend who was the subject of Jordan’s attack, she turned on him and smacked him in the face, too.

Police said the male victim suffered a cut to his nose, and the female victim had a number of scratches on her palms, which were likely defensive wounds, according to WJLA.

After the attacks, Jordan fled from the Ride On bus.

Police officers captured her about a quarter mile away from where the incident occurred.

Police said Jordan told officers that the female victim threw the first punch; however, the surveillance video from the bus disproved her story, WJLA reported.

The Gaithersburg Police Department told WJLA that Jordan later told officers that she was sorry for her actions, and that she had not been taking her prescribed medication.

When a police officer told Jordan that not taking her medicine was not an excuse for racist behavior, she responded “I know,” according to WJLA.

Jordan has been charged with racial harassment, obstructing, and second-degree assault for her attack on the passengers, according to the Gaithersburg Police Department.

Court documents show that Jordan was unemployed and lived with her grandmother at the time of her arrest. She has a lengthy arrest record that included theft, burglary, destruction of property, assault, and domestic violence charges, WJLA reported.

Jordan is scheduled to appear in court July 12, and could face up to 13 years in prison if convicted.

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