Woman Breaks Into PD To Steal Cop's Food, Leaves Her ID Behind

Yvelande Jean-Pierre was arrested after she broke into a police station and stole food from the refrigerator.

Boynton Beach, FL – A 29-year-old woman was arrested after she broke into a police station and ate an officer’s lunch.

The incident occurred on Jan. 3 and was discovered when two officers arrived to work and noticed a window that led to the kitchen area had been broken, according to the police report.

One of the officers called dispatch to report a possible break in, and advised that the suspect had stolen food from the refrigerator.

Agent Andrew Berben said the meals were his and cost about $7 a piece.

The police report said the suspect had taken two pre-packaged chicken meals from the fridge and cooked them in the microwave.

She ate the chicken but left the asparagus.

When police checked the nearby trash, they found a plastic bag with a wallet with an identification card and a State of Florida Security Officer card for Yvelande Jean-Pierre.

Security cameras had caught Jean-Pierre squeezing through a gate to gain access to the rear parking lot.

Investigators determined that she gained access to the building by standing on top of stacked recycling bins to reach the window.

The video footage also showed her walking near the substation, the police report said.

Police located Jean-Pierre and summonsed her to the police station.

She presented herself on Jan. 9, and when questioned, said that she lost her wallet around the time of substation burglary but had not reported it.

Jean-Pierre was wearing the same jacket as the woman seen in the surveillance video when she went to the police station but she denied being near the substation on the day of the burglary, according to the police report.

She gave police consent to search her cell phone and they found that Jean-Pierre had been within a block of the police substation for the majority of the day, and into the night, on the date of the burglary.

She was arrested and charged with burglary to an occupied structure, theft, and criminal mischief, the report said.

The Boynton Beach Police Department couldn’t resist boasting about the arrest on Twitter.

“1st mistake - breaking into our substation. 2nd - eating Agent Berben's chicken & asparagus. 3rd - leaving her ID behind,” the department tweeted. “Today, we charged Yvelande Jean-Pierre w/burglary to an unoccupied structure, theft & criminal mischief.”

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The working poor exist and many Americans live in food insecure environments. I seriously hope she doesn't consider breaking and entering again, any time soon but I also hope she finds a job that pays enough to where she doesn't have to consider breaking the law as a means to survive. My mother told me a story about how she remembers being so hungry once that she went into a bodega and stole a candy bar and an orange. She ran so hard that she threw up what she stole and can not stomach oranges of chocolate to this day. She says her foster parents treated her horribly and remembers being so hungry some days that she would be dizzy from malnutrition--I will never ever fault someone for stealing food. we are a very wealthy nation, we host eating contest and throw food away by the tons, we have enough to feed all our citizens. Nobody should be so hungry that they've had to contemplate harming others to satiate themselves.

Burgers Allday
Burgers Allday

Tough to get all happy about a story where a poor person is caught stealing food. Glad she didn't take any firearms or vests.


How dare she eat the officers chicken... That monster!


It's so nice of criminals who leave their IDs behind for the police - thieves and robbers tend to do this the most.


She wasn't arrested, she was rescued. Now the inmate will have 3 hots and a cot, medical and dental care.