Woman Arrested For Repeatedly Urinating, Planting Boogers In Store's Ice Cream

A Florida woman did unspeakably disgusting things to the ice cream containers belonging to a neighboring business.

Indian Shores, FL – A Florida woman was arrested for sticking her hands into containers of ice cream at an ice cream shop and then peeing in a bucket used to hand-make ice cream.

Lu Lu’s Ice Cream and Candy Shop had to dispose of all the ice cream in their inventory after surveillance cameras captured video footage of a woman doing unspeakable things to their products on at least three separate days in June, WFLD reported.

The ice cream shop shares a bathroom with the Indian Shores Food Mart located next door, and the Indian Hills Police Department said that an employee from that store, 66-year-old Jung Wypcha, used "the bathroom with the door wide open" five times on June 17 and didn’t wash her hands on any of those occasions.

Police said that surveillance video showed that after Wypcha used the bathroom, she walked to the freezer that stored Lu Lu’s ice cream and opened containers and stuck her hands in them, WFLD reported.

Wypcha was also captured on surveillance video picking her nose and putting her boogers in the ice cream.

Yet another horrifying video showed the woman spitting in the ice cream containers, WFLD reported.

Police said that surveillance videos showed Wypcha was at it again the very next day.

When Wypcha went to use the bathroom on June 18 and saw boxes piled on top of the ice cream freezer, she tried to move the boxes to get access to the ice cream but could not, police said.

Wypcha went to use the bathroom again on June 22 but there was a lock on the bathroom door, WFLD reported.

She couldn’t open the bathroom door, so surveillance video showed she took one of Lu Lu’s ice cream buckets that are used to make ice cream and urinated into it, police said.

Then she poured the bucket of pee into a sink labeled for rinsing ice cream utensils and left the bucket there, according to WFLD.

Police said that Lu Lu’s owners had to dispose of $2,000 worth of products due to Wypcha’s actions.

The store was closed for five days to deal with the mess, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

"The minute we learned about it, we called the authorities,” Lu Lu’s co-owner Paul Chiulli told WFLD. “We got rid of everything so there was no question about did she do this or did she do that."

Authorities said there was no indication that drugs, alcohol, or mental health issues played a role in Wypcha’s activities.

She was arrested for tampering and criminal mischief but bonded out of Jail on July 8, WFLD reported.

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Make her eat the icecream she urinated and planted boogers in. Sickening people like this should be taken out of society and imprisoned.


Why didn't they do the cleaning and locking of doors the moment they saw the tape? If I'm reading it right she did this multiple times. Once should've been MORE than enough. Eeeeeewwwww.


I'm concerned that this POS was allowed to bond out!.

John Morell
John Morell

She should loose he hands


Hi John. My post is a little off topic but I'm an English teacher and I noticed you used "loose" instead of" lose" and "he" instead of her. It jumped up on me while reading the different posts. I would guess that, judging by your grammar and using words that does not reflect what you were trying to say. I would guess that you're probably in the fifth grade.