Woman Arrested After Stealing Man's Truck, Abandoning His Dog To Die In Heat

Leslie Aguillard dragged David Mohr with his own vehicle for 20 feet before speeding off with his beloved dog.

Baton Rouge, LA – A woman who was arrested for stealing a man’s truck and leaving his dog inside the vehicle to die of heat exhaustion expressed no remorse as she was being led away in handcuffs on Monday.

The owner of the pickup, David Mohr, was dragged by the vehicle as he tried desperately to save his Labrador Weimaraner mix, Roleaux, and remains hospitalized with internal bleeding and multiple pelvic fractures, WAFB reported.

“I said ‘get out my truck, get out my truck, you have my dog, get out my truck,’ and as I’m saying this, she puts it in reverse and drags me across the asphalt and then I saw the tire coming right at my head and I roll to my left to get out of her path,” Mohr said from his hospital bed.

The horrific incident began at approximately 12 p.m. on Sunday outside Pelican Doughnuts.

Mohr said he left his pickup running with the air conditioning on for Roleaux while he ran inside the shop to grab lunch.

That’s when he noticed a woman, later identified as 30-year-old Leslie Aguillard, trying to drive away with his vehicle and his beloved four-legged friend.

Mohr raced out of the shop and tried to stop Aguillard, who proceeded to hit him with the truck door before dragging him approximately 20 feet, The Advocate reported.

The suspect then took off with the dog and the pickup.

Mohr’s employer, Mindy Dornier, immediately posted photos of the stolen truck and Roleaux on Facebook in an attempt to locate the endangered pup.

The original post was shared over 560 times.

East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office (EBRPSO) deputies located the stolen pickup on South Sherwood Forest Boulevard on Monday afternoon, and found Roleaux’s body inside, WAFB reported.

Investigators believe Aguillard left the dog inside the vehicle in sweltering temperatures, and that he died of heat exhaustion.

“I’m heartbroken for Roleaux’s family at this tragic outcome," East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff Sid Gautreaux told FOX News. "I am grateful, however, to the community for stepping up and helping us locate this suspect."

Mohr said he is devastated that he was unable to rescue his best friend.

“He was my king and a beautiful dog," he told WAFB. “It’s been 30 years since I had a dog, and he was perfect.”

Roleaux was a shelter dog who was just days away from being euthanized when Mohr adopted him five years ago.

“I watched him go from 44 pounds to 115 pounds,” he recalled. “I had five wonderful years with Roleaux. He would greet me every day with the same enthusiasm as if I were gone for six weeks, or if I had just been gone for a day…I’ll cherish him for the rest of my life.”

Aguillard was arrested on Monday on charges of theft of an animal, theft of a vehicle, cruelty to an animal, theft, and attempted second-degree murder, The Advocate reported.

She was also wanted for charges of theft, possession of drug paraphernalia, and entry/remaining after being forbidden, according to WAFB.

“I’m sorry…it’s an over statement, she’s not a lady," Mohr said of Aguillard, according to WAFB. “She’s got issues and she can figure those out while she’s rotting in jail…She took away one of the most single important things in my life.”

As he recovers in the hospital, Mohr has been looking at cherished photographs of his beloved canine to help him focus on happier times, he said.

One of his favorite pictures was a shot of Roleaux sitting at a poker game with an unlit cigar dangling from his mouth and a beer resting next to his stacks of poker chips, WAFB reported.

“It’s one of my favorite pictures, but I have a ton and they’re all my favorite picture now,” Mohr told the news outlet.

He said he is especially thankful for the community’s unwavering support during the search for Roleaux.

“I can’t thank the community enough for coming together," Mohr said. "I’ll never forget it, but we’re going to take care of him from now on and make sure he’s laid to rest in peace.”

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RIP, Big Dog.

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I hope that Bitch rots in Hell!


This is awful! So sorry for your loss!


Put the woman in a car, make sure the car doors are not able to opened and let her stew inside for 24 hours.


He is partial to blame for leaving his vehicle running while he went to shop and get something to eat . He said it was his baby, would he leave a 2 legged baby in the car ?? Don't take them out for a drive if your going to leave them in the car . Now he gets to live with his decision and hopefully next time ( if there is one) leave the pup home