Woman Arrested After Posting False Viral Story About Attempted Child Abduction

Holly Matkin

Emily Lyons made up a story about her infant son's near-abduction, then shared her tale on social media, police said.

Louisville, KY Investigators have determined that a Kentucky mothers claim that a couple attempted to kidnap her infant from a shopping cart at Walmart was a lie.

Emily Lyons posted her fabricated story to social media on Saturday, WHAS reported.

She claimed that she and her 10-month-old son, Jaxson, had just finished shopping at the Hillview Walmart store, and that she kept him in the cart as she loaded items into her car.

I have always been afraid to put him in his seat in the car with the AC because I worried someone would drive off with him in, Lyons post read. Instead he is in the cart, facing me, making it so I have to reach around him to get my groceries.

Lyons claimed that a white female suddenly approached them, and commented about how "cute" her son was.

The next thing I know, a man walks past the cart and tried to take Jaxson, she alleged. Within that one or two seconds, my whole world crashed. Thank God he has fat thighs and is hard to get [out of] the cart.

I could in those seconds I could see my son sitting in a cold, dark room, in dirty clothes and diaper, being drugged so he wouldnt cry, waiting for someone to offer the right price, she wrote. I have never felt so helpless.

Lyons described the suspects as a white man and woman in their 40s, and said they were driving a black four-door car.

To that man and woman, may you never be successful in your attempts. I feel so violated, I feel so defeated, I feel so let down by the human race, she wrote.

Lyons later recounted her harrowing tale during an interview with WHAS.

"He walked past, never stopped walking and just reached in hoping for it to be an easy snatch," she said. "I can remember thinking, 'Oh my gosh, is this really happening?'"

Lyons claimed that the supposed abduction attempt happened rapidly and that she didnt have time to react.

"It happened so quick I didn't know how to respond," she told WHAS. "I didn't yell for help because by the time I could even muster words to come out of my mouth, they were gone."

"To think that maybe he wasn't going to be there anymore, I didn't sleep last night," Lyons said through tears during the interview. "I was worried. I stared at his monitor all night making sure he was still there."

She claimed she didnt want to be Facebook famous for this, but that she hoped the incident would spur other parents to be more vigilant about their childrens safety.

Its happening in your own backyard, she said, wiping away tears. How sad it is that our children have to grow up in this world where they may or may not come home if someone's not watching them carefully and they're not taking precautions themselves.

Lyons reported the incident to police, who responded to the store to review security footage of the alleged incident.

On Tuesday morning, the department announced that Lyons had been charged with filing a false police report.

She called police claiming her child was nearly abducted from a Hillview parking lotthen took to social media about the incident, causing much concern among the public, the agency said in a Facebook post. Investigators reviewed surveillance video and determined that no attempted abduction took place.

According to police, Lyons viewed the footage alongside investigators, and agreed that the incident did not occur, WLKY reported.

The department noted that social media is a powerful tool that can be used to quickly inform the public about safety concerns, but its important to remember that not everything reported is accurate.

We do our best at LMPD to alert the public to threats to public safety and will continue to post those threats on our official social media pages, the agency added.

Lyons court date is scheduled for October, WAVE reported.

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Officer Cynical
Officer Cynical

She wasn't getting enough attention with the Groucho Marx eyebrows?


Scary for her son if sh'es got munchausen by proxy syndrome.


Faked story is about as bad as her eyebrows lol. Well let's hope that the kid will be safe from her need for attention in the future. And if she does suffer from munchausen by proxy syndrome, then that child needs to be taken away NOW.


This should be good for a couple of weeks of double secret probation! (Sarc)


Ok, maybe she really did fear for her son and was way too hyper-vigilant. Adrenaline up and she makes more of the situation than is there. Fine. Filing a police report probably would've ended it there if she hadn't taken to blasting out her story on social media. People need to understand the power of a post and need to have more responsibility when giving opinions that can quickly be taken as fact. Maybe now she'll understand that!