Woman Accuses Officer Of Rape, But Dash Camera Shows The Truth

23-year-old Marley Barberian claimed that a deputy raped her, but then security footage was found.

Palm Beach County, FL - A suspected shoplifter reported that a Palm Beach County Sheriff's Officer deputy had sexually assaulted her earlier this year, but investigators were able to determine she was lying.

The incident started when a PBSO deputy arrested 23-year-old Marley Barberian for shoplifting at a Target store, according to CBS12.

When she was booked, Barberian told the intake nurse that the deputy had sexually assaulted her.

A detective responded to investigate, and Barberian provided a sworn statement about the alleged sexual assault.

In her statement, Barberian said that the deputy groped her during a pat down at Target. The deputy then took her to the Greenacres Police Department picked up some paperwork, and then pulled over to the side of the road to complete the paperwork.

She claimed that the deputy then put his gun in her mouth, pulled her pants down, and anally raped her.

Afterwards, she said that the deputy dropped her off at the jail.

She described the deputy as a big white male, bald or with little hair, and green eyes, according to CBS12.

However, when investigators looked into the incident, they discovered that a female deputy actually patted her down at the Target store.

The male deputy then drove her to the Greenacres Police Department, and dash camera footage showed that he made no stops along the way.

Surveillance footage showed that a female deputy arrived at the Greenacres Police Department, picked up Barberian, and booked her into the jail.

Barberian has now been charged with false report of sexual battery, a false report of crime, and perjury, according to CBS12.

She remains in jail on $3,000 bond.

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She'll probably attempt to justify her actions by saying that the Ottomans murdered her ancestors a hundred years ago.


False accusations should come with the same penalty of what their victim would have received. That's the only way to stop this. She should be in jail for sexual battery, and perjury under a false report.


This bitch needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law! A clear message needs to be sent to these LIARS ! And the officer needs to sue her if that’s an option.


Oh, but women should always be believed. They NEVER lie about sexual assault according to the liberals. What a bunch of BS that is.


Nevertheless, that allegation of misconduct and a crime will remain in the officer's personnel package and will come up at every oral he has for a desired position.

And... if some other idiot makes a similar allegation, the coward desk jockey staffers will say "where there's smoke, there's fire" and go after the officer.

I hope he sues her for character defamation, damaging his career and personal emotional pain and suffering, because you know he was sweating these allegations the entire time the investigation was ongoing.