Why is it when police officers are involved in an altercation you always have some loud mouthed bitch screaming at the officer involved " he didn't do anything""!!!' Of course she has to let the officer know "I'm recording this"........I guess that is supposed to threaten the officer.

Its mostly a "cultural thing" (nice way to put it.) It brings back the embedded DNA code they have been given by those who came before them. They hear the whip cracking, they here "field songs", they see "The Man" of the plantation on his steed, peering down at them, just waiting for one to do wrong so he can lash them. They hear the foreman saying that is not enough cotton in your bag, no food for you today. The see the "strange fruit" hanging from the trees. They feel the strain of the company store taking their money and only given what they deserve. The new plantation is the government. Now the plantation will take shit from them, pay them a check for not working and to hell with worring about food, the government will take care of that too. No need to die in the fields any longer, now they have healthcare, the right to vote, the right to live in this country and prosper like everyone who makes an effort. Sounds like they already have what they want. Whats the problem?


@coldheartedorb are you talking about single white women? Because they are by far the biggest recipients of government assistance in many forms. WIC, Title IX, EBT, etc.

Or does your news program not tell you that, so it can't be true?

@Hi_estComnDenomn Do the math as if you were calculating prison population, police shootings etc. Doing it that way would make your statement incorrect. However correlating prison population police shootings etc. the way you just did would mean cops kill more whites and whites are the majority of the prison population etc.

That math does not work. Lets look at total population and break it down by segments. There just so happens to be more white women that black in the US. That fact alone should give you a hint. To be more descriptive for you, we are talking about segmented portions. This conversation is not about the white race. Your statement is moot and lame to say the least. This is how it goes my friend. Blacks say whites delivered injustice to them because of slavery, OK, ill buy that, however not all true. Blacks owned slaves as well. There are MANY Blacks that had slaves. But for your cause, we will just say they were all white. White leadership has resolved all of the equality issues. (By Constitution and Bill of Rights) Yes it is done. The start of something new for the Black race in America began and ended in 1964. Then our government begins to build "programs" for said restitution. This is the point where blacks were introduced into the government plantation. RE: 1964 L.B.J. statement (on tape at the library of congress) "we will give the negros a little something in the form of welfare and they will be voting Democrat for the next 50 years." They did. Now they are full members of the new plantation. You need to live in a southern city for a while. The population where I live is 70% black. 65% of those are on government assistance. (re: Black unemployment rate). White population is 35% and only 15% of those are on government assistance. There are jobs here, however most black applicants do not have the education or experience to fill those positions. Why? because they have been part of the assistance program for the last few decades and are not interested in work if they can get free income and programs. Problem, no parental foundation. No education. This is the catalyst for crime and perpetuation of the same. So the numbers do not lie. .77 per 1000000 black people die from the hands of white folks and police. Look up FBI crime stats. More white people die from the hands of blacks in this country than blacks do from whites. White people should be raising hell over this, but we don't. Why... because we have overcome this and are willing to accept and move on. Where do I get my news? The Congressional record, The library of Congress, The FBI Crime Stats, The local and state crime stats. The Dept. of Homeland Security data base. The US Marshall database. The Black Congressional Record. +