Who is This @Runcop @Snarkycop or @b1rd ?

"Hi_est..." (obviously a delusional narcissist), are you permanently deranged or is this a temporary condition? First you come on here denigrating a police officer with an off the wall false narrative and then you attack everyone calling you on your inane behavior. You seem to think that you are amusing when you make prepubescent comments and cast false pejoratives. I do hope you get over your mental illness soon.


He's just an average cock smoking troll here, there's a few more like him, probably all him in different flavors.


you're talking about dicks. surprise surprise.


says the dick pick sender...


yeah, to my wife. she is just as invested in my dick as I am. don't be mad that your wife would ask what the fuck is wrong with you if you tried spicing up your love life, Quaker John.