White Rose Coffeehouse Manager Says Officers Don't Need To Be Humanized, Bans 'Coffee With A Cop'

White Rose Coffeehouse's manager made a series of social media posts bashing cops.

Lynn, MA - The manager of White Rose Coffeehouse, who used the Facebook name of 'Sophie CK,' bashed police officers on her Facebook page.

The anti-cop poster is the daughter of the owner, and the owner responded that she has since been fired.

Sophie posted several posts between Friday, October 13, and Saturday, October 14, that said Coffee With A Cop events "would never be held in her family's establishment", according to Turtleboy Sports.

Turtleboy was able to screenshot the series of posts.

Coffee With A Cop events are happening across the country, and were started by the Hawthorne (California) Police Department.

They are designed to bring police officers and the community together; in its mission statement, the group said "Coffee With A Cop brings police officers and the community members they serve together - over coffee - to discuss issues and to learn more about each other.

The backlash against 'Sophie CK's post began almost immediately, when someone responded negatively to her first post.

Screenshots below, see more at Turtleboy:

She continued with her posts, and said that police officers could come in the business, buy coffee, and then leave immediately afterward because they "uphold an unjust system and murder without consequence."

'Sophie CK' said in other posts that she didn't want police officers in the shop because it would make her "black, Latinx, and Muslim customers feel safe."

She also suggested that a "meet an ex-con" event would be much better for the community.

Her mother, who listed her name as 'Kato Mele' on Facebook, said in a post several hours later that she had always been respectful of Lynn police officers and "the job they do."

Her post also suggested that it was a minor mistake and said that it was a young person acting out of emotion, and that it was a moment of learning.

Her daughter's response apologized only to her mother; she also said she should have had better judgment.

Sophie CK's mother later responded in a Facebook post that she had fired her daughter.

In that post, 'Kelo Mate' said "My daughter is no longer in my employ. While I love her deeply, she made an appalling statement on her social media page with which I very much disagree.

"I truly believe spending time with an officer and 'humanizing' him or her is the most important step for her and for others who engage in this type of rhetoric."

'Kelo Mate' apologized for her daughter's "hurtful" comments, and said that she invited "any local First Responder" to meet with her on Monday.

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So she thinks she is worth a dollar tip? AHAHAHAHAHA I can only imagine how she treated any that came in for coffee. What a bitch.


definitely agree with the pic. "anti-police"? I guess the concept of law and order is foreign to her overly entitled little mind. regardless, have fun at the unemployment line


Agree with the sign. Don't call 911.


I'm just wondering how much this "left wing, entitled, basement baby' will hate cops when the business gets burglarized or robbed. If her house gets broken into and they steal her SJW posters and liberal comfort bear, I'm curious if she would call the cops or the "ex-con"?


@WhatEver Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the masculine form of a word the accepted gender neutral form anyway? Or did they rewrite the Spanish courses?