'When We Started Pushing Police Back They Maced Us Without Warning' w/Video Of Asskicking


Two women told the Associated Press that the police officers sprayed them without warning after they assaulted the officers.

St. Louis, MO - St. Louis activists who were protesting the acquittal of Jason Stockley are crying about being abused by the police after they blocked a police transport van and then started shoving police officers, and that's their side of the story (videos below.)

The Associated Press reports that around 2:40 PM on Friday, a group of the protesters stood in front of a police transport bus full of officers in riot gear, blocking it from moving.

The bus tried to back up, but then a group stood behind the bus, blocking them in. The group then started throwing objects at the bus.

Officers moved in to push them back, and one woman told the Associated Press that they began to push the officers back. That's when another woman says that they were "maced by the police without any forewarning."

They admitted to surrounding a police vehicle and assaulting police officers, but they are still talking like they are the victims.

It should go without saying, but if you assault the police, they are allowed to pepper spray you, hit you, and tase you.

Its hard to tell if this video is sad or hilarious (more action video further below):

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Good maybe you over privileged little bastards will learn to stop acting like a bunch of whiny liberal morons when you do certain things you get arrested for it this is one of them I hope the emptied entire can in each eye maybe you'll learn then