We are fucked.
The next pres will be a leftie sissie.
Gun grab full speed ahead.
Next pres will lick the boots of China, N.Korea, Russia, and Iran.
Stockpile boys and girls.


Who is going to?
One Waco or Ruby Ridge changes nothing. And Im not advocating violence against LE . Thats not the point. You only need the POTENTIAL for a Ruby Ridge ( kids present +guns +barricade) You dont even need actual children there, just the BELIEF that theres kids present. But it cant be just one location. You only need 1, 2, 3, or 4 of these locations in each of the 50 states. How would the feds and military react?
Its about media and tying up resources.
You could conduct massive armed resistance without firing a shot.


No. The people will rise. Thats why we have 2nd amendment. Tyrany clause.