WATCH LIVE: Stolen Truck Flees From Police - Armed Citizen Tries To Shoot Out Tire - In Progress

Police pursued suspects in a stolen pickup truck on Friday, and an armed citizen was captured on video trying to shoot out the tires.

In-progress at time of publication.

Oklahoma City, OK - Police have been pursuing a stolen pickup truck in southwest Oklahoma Friday morning.

During the pursuit, the suspect got close to the home of an armed citizen who attempted to shoot out the tires of the truck.

The pursuit is still in-progress.

You can see the video of the armed citizen shooting at the suspect's tires here:

UDPATE: Now over - ended with the suspect riding the lightning. Video of end here:

You can see the live-stream here - pilot low on fuel - more video further down:

If the first stream goes down, here's a backup:

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What this citizen did was foolish. He should have run the other way back inside. He had good intentions but if anything he got in the way of the police who would have to direct resources to respond to the shots fired. Let the police do their job... no need to do the polices job unless forced to.


Texas effect. Everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame. The guy in Texas church killings i back 110% he did the right thing to chase that animal down and smoke em. Stolen truck keep back let the boys and girls in blue do their thing. Pretty funny any how.
Gota love southwest. Dont play around in pro gun full carry states. You will get smoked.