WATCH: Help, Help, I'm Being Sexually Harassed! w/ Update

Zarna Joshi's infamous meltdown.

Seattle, Washington - Black Lives Matter protester, Zarna Joshi, was at a recent Seattle City Council meeting when she went completely hysterical after she was "sexually harassed," and demanded police response, then refused to speak with officers when they arrived.

The incident happened as a group of anti-police protesters were protesting the building of a new Seattle Police North Precinct Station. The protesters have deemed the new station "the bunker" to try to convince people that it's the base of operation for an occupying army. The "Block The Bunker" Facebook page has almost 1,500 followers because: Seattle.

Obnoxious protester, Zarna Joshi, had been getting in people's faces and demanded to know their names. Joshi then saw a police supporter being interviewed by a news reporter, and she decided to harass him. When Joshi confronted the supporter, he identified himself to her as "Hugh Mongous." And that's when the world fell apart. The crazy really starts about two minutes in. (Warning: Language)

In the video, Zarna Joshi recorded herself committing the crimes of disorderly conduct and trespassing. She then demanded enforcement against a man who committed no crime, but made a juvenile joke to troll an obnoxious protester. He probably instantly regretted his decision once the crazy was unleashed.

Zarna Joshi then took to Facebook to voice her outrage with an account of the incident which doesn't match her video: That same guy then sexually harassed me. And when I asked him why he was sexually harassing me, he kept doing it. When I raised my voice and told everyone what he was doing, he ran away.

The security guards, who witnessed everything, then accosted me to tell me to be quiet. When I asked them why they were going after me instead of the man who sexually harassed me, they called the cops ON ME.

The cops were already there, of course. They didn't go after the man who'd sexually harassed me. When I asked them to at least take notes of what happened and why they were not going after the man who sexually harassed me, they said that I should speak with one of their officers alone. They didn't take any notes, they didn't even send one man to go look out for the guy while this conversation was going on for over ten minutes. The officers stood there with their hands on their guns until a white man asked why they had their hands on their guns. Why were they holding their guns while talking to a woman of color who was sexually harassed? Why would they ask that woman of color to go alone with them to talk to them, while holding those guns?

I refused to leave the safety of my community to speak to a cop alone and it was only when another person - an older white male - spoke up, that the cop decided to take down my description of my harasser and I showed them some of this video.

I was sexually harassed and then criminalized because I wouldn't shut up about being sexually harassed. And the city wants to give these cops $160 million dollars to build a military bunker to "protect us". The cops didn't protect me. They didn't look out for me. They didn't give a damn. Why would they? They're part of a gang that molests and criminalizes innocent people all the time. Rather than arrest Zarna Joshi for creating a disturbance and refusing to leave, the responding officers left her to run free and create more of a disturbance because: Seattle.

These are the sort of self-entitled obnoxious people that police officers are forced to deal with every day. When you think that you've had a bad day at work, just remember that you aren't putting up with this kind of crazy.