Waitress Caught Framing Sheriff's Employee With Bogus Racist Message On Check

Sandy Malone

A waitress at a Japanese restaurant in Waco falsely accused a sheriff's employee of writing her a racist message.

Waco, TX – A waitress has been fired from her job after she admitted writing a racist message on a receipt and blaming it on a sheriff’s employee.

Freestone County Sheriff Jeremy Shipley didn’t fool around when he received a report on Monday night that a sheriff’s office employee “had written a racist remark on a check against the Hispanic community” and given it to a waitress at the Fuji Japanese Steak House on West Waco Drive, KWTX reported.

“As Sheriff of Freestone County, I wanted to personally make sure I received all the information pertaining to a complaint of this nature on one of my employees and that’s why it was me knocking on doors,” Sheriff Shipley wrote in a press release, emphasizing he “will not tolerate nor employ any person(s) that I know to be of racial mind or intentions,” according to Breitbart.

So the sheriff went to the restaurant on Tuesday morning, to sort out what exactly had happened, according to KWTX.

He said the restaurant’s owner was very helpful and willing to assist in any way possible.

Sheriff Shipley reviewed surveillance video footage, compared the handwriting on the check against different handwriting samples, and did some additional investigation, Breitbart reported.

With assistance from the McGregor Police Department, the sheriff then interviewed the waitress who had made the allegations against his employee.

“During the conversation with the waitress, the waitress confessed to writing the racial comment on the ticket herself due to being upset that day,” he said. “The waitress confirmed that she took the ticket book containing the ticket from the customers at the table, went into the restroom, and hand wrote, herself, on the receipt the racial comment.”

The waitress told the sheriff she was sorry and said she didn’t know her false claim would create such a big problem, Breitbart reported.

She did not reveal a motive for her false allegations of racism, and the sheriff was not feeling very forgiving.

“The character and integrity of this employee and my office has been attacked based on a lie that spread through social media,” Sheriff Shipley said. “Our employee and the immediate family have received numerous hate messages from this fabricated lie.”

The sheriff thanked the community members who have been supportive and said he hoped that those who attacked his employee before the facts had been checked would make an apology.

In the meantime, the owner of the Japanese restaurant where the false allegations occurred has taken action on his own initiative.

“We cannot tolerate racism and we will not tolerate falsely accusing someone of being racist,” the owner told Breitbart on Wednesday.

He said that he fired the waitress who forged the racist comment on the check, and he also fired the employee who posted the copy of the check on Facebook after she “refused to take it down” at management’s request, Breitbart reported.

The restaurant had suffered from lost business and taken a hit to its reputation because of the false allegations, too, the owner said.

Sheriff Shipley is still angry about the waitress framing his employee, and the outrage that ensued.

“My employee did not deserve this, nor does my office or any law enforcement agency in this state or across America. This is a perfect time to remind people that just because it’s on social media doesn’t make it true,” Sheriff Shipley told KWTX.

This latest incident came on the heels of a similar accusation made in Odessa on July 14.

In that case, a waiter named Khalil Cavil at the Saltgrass Steak House falsely claimed a guest had written “we don’t tip terrorist” at the top of their check, CBS News reported.

At first, the restaurant banned the customer accused of writing the racist message, but later, they ended up apologizing to the falsely accused guest.

“I did write it," Cavil said. "I don't have an explanation. I made a mistake. There is no excuse for what I did."

But before Cavil admitted he’d written the hate message himself, he collected monetary donations, CBS News reported.

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All would not be forgiven by me. Sue the waitress and the restaurant. That's what they would do with a police officer if given the chance. Time to fight fire with fire.


LEO0301 is right...way past time to start suing these individuals. In this case though, I think the restaurant owner did the right thing in firing the forger and then in demanding the post be removed from the other employee's Facebook account...then firing her when she refused. The owner co-operated fully and the Sheriff acknowledges his help. Good on the owner.


Posted this on Facebook - not sure how much good it'll do but I've started sharing many of Blue Lives' stories. If nothing else I'd like to give my some of my unfortunate Lib family/friends a chance to see past their CNN-delusions!


So.....the employee was "upset"....didn't they have a "safe place" for them to hide in ? Apparently not, so this asshat impugned the reputation of a local deputy, and another employee spread the b/s on social media. I'm glad that the restaurant fired them both and apologized to the deputy. Now.....defamation of character is , if memory serves me, a civil offense. If this happened to me, I'd hire an ambulance chaser....oops I meant lawyer , and sue the hell out of both employees.