VIRAL VIDEO: Officer Bodyslammed On His Head

The viral video showed the suspect tossing the cop onto his head.

A video posted on Facebook of a man picking up a police officer and dumping him on his head on Tuesday has been shared more than 750,000 times (video below).

Neither the officer who was assaulted, nor his department, were identified in the video, which appeared to have been posted by a friend of the man who committed the assault.

The video began with the officer struggling with a shirtless man in the middle of the street.

A voice from behind the phone filming the altercation yelled at the suspect to stop.

“Shoddy, don’t do that bro. Shoddy, bro stop! Don’t do that bro! Don’t do it!” his friend warned.

Despite his friend’s warning, the suspect suddenly wrapped his arms around the officer’s waist and lifted him up into the air. He flipped the officer over and slammed him down on the pavement directly on his bald head.

Then the suspect went to the ground with the officer, but he popped back up immediately and walked away.

The officer got up almost as quickly as his assailant, despite the head trauma he must have sustained, and then he pulled out his Taser.

“This is f—ked up,” the suspect said upon seeing the less-lethal weapon pointed at him.

“Get down now! Get down, get down!” the officer instructed the suspect, who complied as he continued to complain.

“This is f—ked up!” the suspect shrieked as he lay spread eagle on his stomach on the pavement.

“Don’t move,” the officer told the man as he knelt on him and began to apply handcuffs.

The side of the officer’s head that could be seen in the video appeared to be raw from its scrape on the pavement.

“I ain’t movin’ I ain’t movin’,” the man insisted from his prone position.

By then, the officer had the suspect’s left arm behind his back, and appeared to be struggling a bit to apply handcuffs as he held his Taser in his right hand.

The officer never lost his cool during the part of the incident that appeared in the video.

In the video, the shadows and legs of other individuals approaching the officer from behind can be seen.

“You put your hands on me, n---a! You put your hands on me,” the suspect complained to the cop as he was being cuffed.

“Shut up. Don’t move,” the officer responded.

“I can talk. I ain’t movin’ - I can talk,” the suspect argued as he was arrested.

You can see the video of the incident below:

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