VIRAL VIDEO: NYPD Officers Walk Away From Group Threatening The Police

A group of NYPD officers were threatened by disorderly men on Friday.

New York, NY – A group of New York Police Department (NYPD) officers were threatened by a hoard of hecklers on Friday. But rather than arrest the men for trying to fight the police, they walked away from the men, a video showed (video below).

The circumstances that preceded the officers’ interaction with the classless hecklers were unclear.

The video began with one of the officers arguing that he had not drawn his weapon.

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“I didn’t pull out my gun,” the officer said incredulously.

“But you was about to!” more than one man quickly fired back, as the officer shook his head.

“No, I wasn’t,” he said.

“Did you feel threatened? ‘Cause he’s black? ‘Cause he’s behind you?” the men alleged in rapid succession.

“Oh, right – Ok,” the officer said, seemingly understanding that the men had no intention of holding a productive conversation.

“Get the f**k outta here, bro,” one man said as the officer turned away.

“This is why you guys live here, like this,” the officer said, while the hecklers spoke over one another.

“Come back later, p***y!” one man yelled at the officers, who had already begun walking away.

The officer then pivoted, and threw his arms out to his sides while facing the men.

“I’m right here now!” the officer said.

“So take the badge off!” one heckler suggested, before the rest of his posse chimed in.

“Take the badge off! Take the badge off!” they began yelling repeatedly.

“I will beat the s**t outta you, my man,” one man told the officers.

“Suck my d**k, then! Get the f**k outta here!” another man yelled.

“Go suck your own d**k,” the officer suggested, before walking away from the crowd.

The men continued to threaten to assault the officers, who had already turned away and were leaving.

“Suck my d**k, n***a!” one man hollered.

“Bye, Jackie Chan!” another shouted at an Asian officer, as the rest of the crew called the officers “f**king pigs,” and “c**ksuckers.”

The Sergeants Benevolent Association (SBA) president said that the video showed that NYPD officers were unable to perform their jobs for fear of disciplinary action from the Civilian Complaint Review Board, the New York Post reported.

“I spoke to several cops and they didn’t want to get involved in anything or take any police action because they felt if they did the department would go against them,” SBA president Ed Mullins said.

Watch the NYPD officers’ interaction with the race-baiting punks in the video below:

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I heard nothin but fools in the background. Low down jobless fools. Yellin they shit.


Cops that I know ignore this stuff. Sadly, they are used to it. Most likely, they already know who these guys are and have regulars interactions with them.


This is exactly what today's cop should do. Just walk away. It's not worth even trying to enforce the most minor of crimes. They don't have the support of their city leaders and they know it. Officers in cities like NYC and Baltimore need to just sit and wait for the animals to kill each other. Go write the report then go back in service. Proactive policing is dead.


@Hi_estComnDenomn you should be an expert in that field


They should just build a wall around all these democrat controlled hell holes, remove all law enforcement and stop all funding. Let them kill each other and/or starve to death. Done!