VIRAL VIDEO: BAMF Squirrel Makes Getaway From Cop With Whole Donut In His Mouth

The brave and sneaky squirrel stole an entire donut from the police officers' stash, and made a run for it.

Anchorage, AK – The Anchorage Police Department has shared a video on social media of a brazen thief making a getaway from the police station parking lot (video below).

An officer captured video of the squirrel in action, as he (or she) snuck between police vehicles and hid behind cruiser tires in an attempt to make a getaway with a whole donut, right under the nose of the brave officer who was following it.

“Seriously. He stole a perfectly good donut. FROM A COP. That's a straight-up felony. Also... it's rude,” Anchorage PD captioned the hysterical video.

In the video, the officer attempted to sneak up on the thieving squirrel multiple times, but the rascally rodent stayed one step ahead of his stalker.

Finally, the officer caught up with the squirrel, and they faced off. The squirrel appeared to freeze temporarily, with the sweet treat hanging out of his mouth.

But the video showed the squirrel was undaunted, and with a dirty look and a laugh over its shoulder at the baffled cop, the furry creature raced across the parking lot and disappeared behind another police vehicle, without so much as breaking the donut.

The video quickly went viral and has amused millions of people, but it also spawned a series entertaining responses on Twitter.

Even funnier – or perhaps more surprising – were the number of additional videos of criminal squirrels consuming stolen donuts that were also shared on social media in response.

Watch video of the bold tree dweller as he seemingly mocked the officer following him:

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Gonna be too fat to climb a tree keep that up Rocky.


ROTFLMAO ! What a brazen furred thief !


That squirrel has good taste in donuts! Wasn't that an old-fashioned donut it grabbed??? Ummmmm! I feed the squirrels in our area, & they occasionally bring me "thank you" gifts! One time I received a ceramic donut magnet, chocolate-frosted donut! They frequently bring marbles & half-eaten waffles, too. They leave them on the brick where I put their peanuts or on our front railing!