VIDEO: Woman With Baby Flees From Cops, Tries To Carjack Motorist

Woman fleeing police tried to carjack another vehicle while carrying her baby

San Antonio, TX - A woman was arrested after leading police on a high-speed pursuit with her baby and trying to carjack another motorist.

The incident was captured on video (video below).

The incident started when a Texas Department of Public Safety trooper conducted a traffic stop on a female suspect who then fled.

ABC News identified the woman as 29-year-old Catilyn Rodriguez.

The video shows Rodriguez driving 100 mph as she crossed lanes to get past slower moving vehicles.

She appeared to almost avoid a spike strip being laid out by a police officer but then veered off to the right and went over a grassy median onto another roadway.

Rodriguez then took an exit and was fishtailing as she tried to pass vehicles.

Rodriguez then got onto another highway and drove on the cement center median before going the wrong way on the three-lane highway.

Rodriguez then drove through a red light and a major intersection and continued speeding past vehicles.

Her chase ended when she piled into the back of a pickup truck that was stopped at another intersection. The crash disabled her SUV and at that point.

Rodriguez got out of her car and went to the back seat to grab her baby in a carrier. She then ran with her baby along the side of a two-lane road before doubling back and crossing the road.

She ran through traffic until a white SUV stopped when Rodriguez ran in front of it.

With the white SUV stopped, Rodriguez opened the passenger door and entered with her baby in the carrier and attempted to carjack the vehicle.

Before Rodriguez could close the passenger door, a state police cruiser pulled up and cut off the white SUV.

The state trooper got out of his car and pulled his weapon and pointed it at the white SUV. Rodriguez then closed the passenger door. The state trooper knocked on the driver side window.

The driver of the white SUV opened the door and the state trooper took her out of the car as other police officers surrounded the white SUV.

As the state trooper pulled Rodriguez out by the drivers side door, other police officers took her baby safely out of the car as well as a second baby that was in the back seat of the white SUV.

Fox News reported Rodriguez was charged with evading arrest, possession of controlled substance and endangering a child.

The child was taken by Child Protective Services, according to police.

You can see the video of the pursuit below:

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She should NEVER, NEVER, be able to get that child back and should be spayed. She could have killed the baby and others by what she did. Wack job, No thoughts for the safety of her own child much less others. So thankful the baby is ok....


That was very painful to watch. At least she didn't leave her child behind after the crash.


So this entitled bitch must have got up that morning and thaught, "Today I'm going to take my baby on a high speed police chase in my Mercedes endangering numerous people and then get myself arrested and taken to jail". What a stunned cow. She needs some substantial jail time but no doubt some bleeding heart liberal judge will throw some probation at her. That'll teach her!


Wow. Just WOW. Hopefully, she will have a very loonnnggg time to think about what she did to her own baby and others. My prayers are for that little babe.


She was just trying to be punctual and took her Pilates and Yoga appointments way too seriously.