VIDEO: Woman Upset Over Use Of Force After She Called Cop Slur Then Fled

Jaqueline Clay said she was justified in fleeing from the disturbance because the officer got mad at her.

Philadelphia, MS – Viral cell phone footage captured the moment that a woman who led police on a pursuit with her children in her vehicle was yanked out of her car by her hair (video below).

Jaqueline Clay, who goes by the name of Wilson Jacki Clay on Facebook, said that her decision to drive away from the traffic stop was justified, and that she only left because the officer swore at her.

“Watching this video makes me cry every time,” Clay’s post read. “My kids were watching. All this because I kept going when he started cussing me out.”

The incident began at approximately 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, when Philadelphia police received a report of a disturbance at a home on Wilson Avenue, The Neshoba Democrat reported.

“The [video] was a result of a disturbance call that progressed to a car chase,” Philadelphia Police Chief Grant Myers explained.

Clay said that she took off from the scene because the officer was “getting mad” at her, the Clarion Ledger reported.

"They said I fled from them but it was because he was hollering and getting mad at me in front of my kids,” she told the paper. “I was only going 10-15 mph on my street to the end of a stop sign and went down to the next stop sign which was on at least 5-10 yards maybe. I'm bad with the measurements."

She claimed that the officer became more upset when she fled the scene.

“The officer was mad because I didn't stop…and that ‘I made him look like a fool’ [in his words]…,” she said, according to The Neshoba Democrat.

Clay said that, prior to the video being recorded, she called the officer a “f----t,” according to the Facebook post.

She also alleged that the officer “snatched” her phone, threw it at her, and “balled his fist up.”

Cell phone footage showed Clay, who was not wearing a seatbelt, as her children screamed and wailed in the background.

An officer reached into the car, grabbing her by her hair, and pulled her down onto the ground, where she was placed into handcuffs.

Clay said that the officers seized her phone and wallet, and that she feels “betrayed” by the department.

She was arrested on charges of failure to comply and disorderly conduct, and additional charges may be forthcoming, Chief Myers told The Neshoba Democrat.

The department is reviewing additional footage of the incident as a part of an “objective review” of what occurred, he added.

You can watch footage of the officers’ encounter with Clay in the video below:

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If she’s so worried about what happens in front of her kids, they why did she act as such in front of her kids. Of course she’s going to be all calm after she tells her kids to record. But it’s funny when people get yanked or slammed, is when their “oh shit” reality check sets in....


This woman is too stupid to be alive. I at least want her locked up for using the same oxygen as the rest of us.


Stupid does come in many different ways!!


SO, is the LBGT going to go to bat for the Officer that was called a F-----T? LOL< yeah, I thought you would like a Good Laugh. They only do this to sue for themselves