VIDEO: Woman Posts Disturbing Police Brutality Video, Then Chief Releases Truth

An Illinois woman's jailhouse Facebook Live video prompted outrage on social media.

Sauk Village, IL – The Sauk Village Police Department is fighting back against allegations of police brutality, after a woman livestreamed a video of her injured face as she made phone calls while in custody at the police department.

“My face all f----d up, momma,” Andrea Morris said in the since-deleted video. “The police did this.”

Morris’ left eye was grotesquely swollen and she had abrasions and bruising across her face.

The video sparked outrage after at least one follower commented that Sauk Village officers “beat her in her sleep,” WFLD reported.

The comment spread like wildfire on social media, resulting in a windfall of accusations that Sauk Village Police Chief Robert Kowalski said were entirely false.

“We will definitely discuss this matter with my detective and run it past the states attorney’s office to see if there’s anything we can do legally against any individuals who are promoting these allegations against the police department,” Chief Kowalski said.

Investigators said that Morris had been trespassing on her ex-girlfriend’s property, and that the woman feared Morris was going to break out the widows of her residence, FOX News reported.

“They’re talkin bout its domestic cuz I walked past her house,” Morris said in the video.

Morris resisted arrest twice, then attempted to run away, police said.

An officer deployed his Taser, at which point Morris fell face-first onto the sidewalk.

After she was taken into custody, Morris was transported to a local hospital for evaluation of her injuries.

Morris made numerous calls on a landline phone inside the station as she broadcast her false allegations.

“Everybody screenshot this s--t, cuz I swear to God…” she said tearfully. “Yes, a lawsuit, straight lawsuit, and I fittin to get paid.”

“I don’t know what the f-k they hit me with,” Morris said. “They f------g tased me.”

“I woke up, and I was in an ambulance. They said that if that b---h woulda never signed the papers, I coulda been released. But since the b---h wanna be spiteful and sign them papers…” she explained, blaming the entire incident on her ex.

She then proceeded to give out her ex-girlfriends address.

“She did this, and the police did this,” Morris declared. “The sergeant did this, matter of fact.”

Morris then lashed out against someone who apparently commented about her relationship.

“F--k is ya’ll talkin about,” she said. “No worry about my f----g relationship cuz she ain’t even do this. F--k the police did.”

“Goofy a-- hoes,” she said in disgust.

Morris asked her followers to contact the department to complain about the officers she claimed assaulted her.

“I got 100 people on my live right now,” she boasted.

As she leveled her false accusations about the officers who arrested her, Morris also complained about her lack of cash and asked people for help.

“My momma car in the pound,” she repeatedly whined.

She first claimed that she had $100 on her, then later complained to her grandmother that she only had $80.

Although it was unclear why Morris was still in possession of her cell phone while she was in custody, she made it very clear that she had no intention of turning it over to police.

“Imma gonna try to keep my phone tonight, dog,” she said in the video. “Imma hide this motherf-----r. I’m gonna put this motherf----r in my p---y.”

Morris’ ex-girlfriend defended the officers, and said that they never assaulted the woman, WFLD reported.

Morris was charged with trespassing and resisting arrest, according to FOX News.

You can watch her jailhouse broadcast in the video below, then please share this story on social media to counter her lies:

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I wouldn't have watch the video anyway. Only so much of all these lies a person can take. And besides I would have needed subtitles in English.


Dang, I can't see the video. She's a pos anyways.


MaryKatelyn You are exactly right!! No matter what the police do, the Libs and SJWs claim brutality. They basically don't want to be held accountable for their crimes and actions!!


She was tased because she resisted arrest and ran away from the police. She fell on her face. What the heck should the officer have done in this situation? If she had been shot with a real gun, there would have been a whole lot of complaints against the police. You cannot have it both ways. I suppose police officers should just let all suspects run away so they won't be accused of stupid stuff like this. Isn't it funny that she isn't able to put a sentence together without using the "f" word? She is angry with her family for laughing at her too. It sounds like the "ol' girl" be known for her stupidity.


Another stupid statement from you. If she had not run she would not have got tased. Is that too hard for muppets like you to understand??