VIDEO: Woman Live-Streams Herself Provoking Woman With Gun, Gets Shot

A Chicago woman goaded someone to shoot her, as she live-streamed the altercation on social media.

​Chicago, IL – A 27-year-old woman was shot in the arm on Tuesday while she was filming the altercation on Facebook Live (video below).

The woman got into what police described as “domestic-related” argument at 2:57 p.m. on Jan. 2 with a woman she knew, who was sitting in a vehicle in the 6400 block of South Calumet Avenue, in the Parkway Gardens neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago, police said.

The video began with the woman laughing and holding the phone while live-streaming and talking smack to somebody off camera.

Then the tone of the conversation took a quick turn.

“What?” the woman filming asked.

“Girl, who you just calling a b***h?” she asked aggressively in the video.

The video showed the woman approached the window of a car with two people sitting in the front seats.

“Oh, this b***h got a gun y’all,” the woman boldly told her friends. But she didn’t appear to be afraid of the person.

In fact, the soon-to-be victim took an antagonizing tone with the person who could be seen holding a gun in the video.

“You gotta gun, what ya gonna do with it?” the woman asked.

“Who’s gonna smack me?” the person with the gun asked.

“What ya gonna do with it?” the woman asked.

“Who’s gonna smack me?” the person with the gun asked again. They went back and forth four times with the same questions.

“Ain’t worried about that gun, bitch, you will get blown down... F**k you and this car, b***h!” the woman replied.

Then gunshots.

“She just shot me!” the woman yelled.

“She just shot you?” her friend asked.

“Call 911 she just shot me!” the woman replied, and then began wailing.

“What she just shoot you in?” her friend asked.

“In my arm,” the woman said, as she continued to sob.

Someone could be heard talking to a 911 dispatcher in the background, giving their location, as the woman who had been shot began to sob hysterically.

Police told WFLD that the victim was transported to Stroger Hospital where her condition was stabilized.

The live-streamed shooting had been widely circulated on social media by Tuesday night, according to Chicago police officials.

Detectives had the Facebook video and were in a “good position in the investigation,” Chicago Police Spokesman Anthony Guglielmi told the Chicago Tribune.

“At this point we have no reason to suspect the video is not authentic,” Guglielmi said. “The victim in this case knows the offender and we are working to locate.”

“What I can say is we believe this to be a domestic related incident between two individuals that know each other,” Guglielmi said. “We do not believe there is any threat to the public as this stemmed from an earlier interaction between the two of them.”

No arrest had been made at the time of publication.

You can see the incident in the video below:

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