VIDEO: Woman Chokes Out Bouncer She Mistakenly Thought Had Groped Her

Surveillance footage showed Kierah Lagrave as she choked a much-larger male bouncer until he fell unconscious.

Plattsburgh, NY – A New York woman choked a nightclub bouncer until he passed out, after she mistakenly believed he swatted her on her backside, according to police (video below).

Kierah Lagrave, 22, was arrested on a second-degree felony strangulation charge on Thursday, Newsweek reported.

The attack occurred at the Five1Eight nightclub at approximately 10:20 p.m. Oct. 20, according to the Press-Republican.

Surveillance footage from the club showed Lagrave, who stands just over five feet tall and weighs 125 pounds, standing with a female friend at the bar.

Lagrave began dancing, and her friend nonchalantly slapped her on the butt when Lagrave turned away from her.

"We were in the club, minding our own business and having fun," she told the Daily Mail. "And then I feel a full-on grab on my right side butt cheek."

Lagrave immediately stepped towards a nearby bouncer, wrapped her arms around his neck, and held on until the man lost consciousness and collapsed backwards onto the floor.

Her friend, who was ordering a drink, seemed to be unaware of the altercation taking place directly behind her until the bouncer hit the ground.

"My goal was not to hurt him," Lagrave told the Daily Mail. "But to ensure my own safety."

She explained that she was concerned the bouncer might have been trying to "slip something" into her drink.

"I wasn't going to take any chances," she said.

The bouncer later told police that he didn’t resist Lagrave because he thought she was one of his friends who was playing a joke on him, the Associated Press reported.

When questioned by police, Lagrave admitted she choked the bouncer after he grabbed her, the Press-Republican reported.

“The surveillance video clearly shows that Lagrave’s friend slapped her on the buttocks [beforehand],” Plattsburgh Police Chief Levi Ritter told the news outlet.

Lagrave maintains her claim that the bouncer grabbed her, and said the surveillance video captured the assault clearly, the Daily Mail reported.

"The bouncer was on my right side where I was grabbed," she said. "If my friend hit me, she would have hit my left side. Not grabbed my right."

Lagrave said that her friend told her she is "positive" that she never touched Lagrave's backside.

"She would have told me she did it and stopped everything from taking place," she added.

Lagrave also blamed the police for shaming her, and said that the town was simply believing the word of the bouncer because he is a man.

"People in this town have this mindset that men can do no wrong," she railed. "The police were just trying to shame me. They never once listened to me."

On Friday, Lagrave appeared in Plattsburgh City Court for her arraignment, Newsweek reported.

She was released on her own recognizance by Judge Mark Rogers, and is due back in court on Nov. 20.

She faces up to seven years in prison if convicted, the Daily Mail reported.

You can watch surveillance footage of the misdirected attack in the video below:

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