VIDEO: Woman Bashes Out Bus Windows Before Running Man Down

Police have identified a woman who used a bat and car jack to smash the windows of a bus after a collision.

Washington, DC The Metropolitan Police Department is searching for a road-raging woman who smashed the windows of a Greyhound bus and repeatedly drove her vehicle into the bus driver before she took off down the street, cell phone footage showed (video below).

Police said they have identified the suspect seen in the video, but did not provide her name.

The incident occurred on the 1800-block of Bladensburg Road Northeast at approximately 6 p.m. on Thursday, after the woman drove her vehicle into the path of the Greyhound bus, according to a police incident report.

As a result of the womans illegal passing, another vehicle was sideswiped, police said.

The woman who caused the collision did not make her identity known to the other driver, so the victim confronted her at the red light, according to the report.

The woman who caused the collision grew irate and broke out into a verbal argument with the victim, police said.

At that point, the driver of the Greyhound bus, who was cut off by the woman and witnessed the crash that ensued, offered the woman a suggestion.

Youre a crazy driver, he told her, according to the incident report. You need to get off the road.

In response, the woman opened the trunk of her gold-colored Audi, and pulled out a wooden baseball bat, police said.

She then proceeded to slam the bat into the windows of the Greyhound bus, cracking the windshield.

But she wasnt done yet.

The irate woman then returned to her trunk, and swapped out the bat for a car jack.

Cell phone footage showed the woman as she repeatedly slammed the jack into the drivers side window of the bus. After several strikes, she successfully punched a hole through the shattered glass.

Are you f--king kidding me? someone off-camera said.

Horns blared as the woman silently continued beating on the buss windows and mirror.

A moment later, she walked back to her Audi, tossed the jack into the trunk, and jumped back into the drivers seat.

The bus driver, who was seen wearing a blue shirt in the video, was standing in front of the womans vehicle and appeared to be looking at his cell phone as the woman suddenly drove forward.

The bus driver fell onto the hood of her car, at which point the woman stormed out of her vehicle and marched towards him.

What the f--k? another off-camera passenger said, as the woman grabbed onto the bus driver and began to yank him from the hood of her vehicle.

The passenger recording the melee then rushed off of the bus towards her.

Yo! Leave him! Leave him alone! he told the woman.

Hello? 911? the bus driver said, as he sat on the hood of the womans car.

But the woman had just resumed her position behind the wheel.

She stepped on the gas yet again, this time throwing the bus driver onto her hood on his stomach, as his feet flew up behind him.

She immediately hit the brakes, and the bus driver laid across her hood as he continued his phone call.

The woman wordlessly exited her vehicle again, shoved off a man who tried to intercept her, and walked to the front of her car to push the bus driver out of her way.

She again returned to the drivers seat, and accelerated rapidly as the bus driver leapt onto her hood.

This time, she stomped on the gas, carrying the man on her hood until he fell off in the intersection.

He rolled into the street as she sped off into the distance.

Witnesses rushed to help him to his feet, as one man accosted him for putting himself at risk.

Why would you jump in front of a car like that? he yelled at the bus driver.

She was gonna get away with it, the Greyhound driver replied.

So what? They can get up with her later! the witness said in disbelief. You alright?

The bus driver sustained injuries to the left side of his hip, and suffered a bruise and abrasion on his left arm, police said.

The unnamed suspect faces charges including leaving after colliding, destruction of property, and assault with a dangerous weapon, according to the police incident report.

You can watch footage of the irate womans road rage meltdown in the video below. WARNING - Language:

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