VIDEO: Walmart Employee Arrested While Trashing Cold Stone Creamery

A 22-year-old woman threw cakes and counter items around a Texas Stone Cold Creamery on Sunday afternoon.

Texarkana, TX – A dissatisfied Cold Stone Creamery customer wreaked havoc inside the ice cream parlor on Sunday afternoon, after employees denied her demand for a refund, police said (video below).

Tkeshon Trotter, 22, “caused a large disturbance” when the store refused to “give her the refund that she believed she was owed,” Texarkana police said in a Facebook post.

“Instead of handling it like an adult, she started breaking things inside the store and threw several of the pre-made cakes that were in the freezer,” the department added.

In cell phone footage recorded by a customer, evidence of Trotter’s tantrum could be seen strewn across the floor.

She then walked beside the counter in her Walmart shirt and camouflage leggings, knocking some items to the floor, while tossing others into the employees' area.

Her childlike fit continued at the business’ front door, where Trotter got into a verbal confrontation with an unidentified man.

“She works at Walmart?” a woman off-camera asked.

“Yes, I do. I do. I do,” Trotter retorted. “Anything you else wanna know?”

“Like I give a f - - k,” she added.

Texarkana Police Officer Mark Shermer responded to the ice cream shop and took the irate woman into custody as she was attempting to leave the area, police said.

She allegedly caused over $400 in damages during her tirade and was charged with criminal mischief, The Bellingham Herald reported.

Trotter was booked into the Bi-State Jail, where she was being held on $3,000 bond, police said.

You can watch Trotter’s tantrum in the video below:

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