VIDEO: Viral Interview With Accused Child Luring Black Neo-Nazi

Jerome Powell is accused of driving around in a hearse with a dead body in it while trying to lure kids in it

Memphis, TN – A black man with a Hitler mustache who reportedly wore Nazi emblems at a Confederate rally and drives a hearse as his personal car gave an interview to a TV station that is going viral.

Jerome Powell is accused by police of trying to lure children into a hearse and touching himself. Powell was arrested by police and gave the interview to WREG-TV to clear his name. (Video below)

Powell refutes police and eye witness claims of his wrongdoing throughout the interview.

The TV reporter asked Powell why he was at a Confederate rally wearing Nazi symbols on his sleeves.

“I can do whatever I want to do,” Powell said. “It’s a free country.”

The TV reporter asked him why he had a mustache that resembles Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

“That’s the way I wear it,” Powell said. “I’ll wear it like that until I’m dead and gone.”

The TV reporter asked Powell if he had a dead body in his car. Powell drives a hearse.

“I ain’t never rode with no dead body,” Powell said. “I respect that car for what it is. It’s a hearse.”

“Why do you have a hearse if you don’t have a body in it,” the TV reporter asked.

“That’s my personal car. A lot of folks got cars that don’t have bodies in it,” Powell said. “It’s just a personal car. Something I wanted to have.”

At the end of the interview, Powell was frustrated with his situation and made what sounded like a threat.

“If they really want some get going, I can show them what I really can do,” Powell said. “Like I said, it ain’t got to that point, yet. I hope it don’t. Don’t push me to doing something that is going to affect everybody.”

You can see the interview video below:

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I don't understand this. Seems like some kind of smear campaign by local authorities?


Nut case!


If he committed a crime, why is he on the street?


Who is being smeared?


@Hi_estComnDenomn the local Nazi.