VIDEO: Violent Drunk Threatens Restaurant Staff, Then UFC Legend Steps In

Matt Serra assisted restaurant staff by subduing an angry drunk man until casino security arrived to relieve him.

Las Vegas, NV – A former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter took down a man who was threatening staff at a Las Vegas café on July 4 (video below).

Matt Serra, 44, was visiting Las Vegas because he was being inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame on July 5, and was having dinner in the Grand Café at Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa when the altercation occurred, according to TMZ.

“How do you spend the night before your @ufc HOF induction?!?” Serra posted on Instagram with a video of the incident. “You subdue some a--hole drunk that was threatening waiters then tries to swing on you. # jiujitsu”

Shortly before the altercation began, Serra filmed and posted a video of a very drunk woman sitting at a table nearby.

The man who was with her, whom Serra would end up subduing shortly thereafter, was trying to prop the woman up in her seat because she appeared to be perilously close to falling out of the restaurant booth.

“Oh, there you go,” Serra said in the video. “I think she’s awake now.”

But then the woman appeared to pass out again.

“Oh, no. She’s out. It’s like ‘Weekend at Bernie’s,’” Serra said, referencing the 1989 movie where friends dragged a dead man around to parties with them for a couple of days pretending he was still alive.

But a few minutes later the situation turned nasty, and Serra got up and went to the aid of the restaurant staff whom the drunk man was threatening.

In a second video, Serra straddled the man who was flat on his back, and held onto both of his wrists so the man couldn’t hit him.

Serra appeared to be smiling in the video, as he held the man like a petulant child.

He told the man repeatedly to calm down, the video showed.

“I’m gonna f--k you up,” the man told Serra from underneath the fighter.

Serra laughed and told the restaurant staff “it’s alright” and kept the man under control, at times pinning his arms to the ground, until security personnel from the Red Rock Casino showed up.

When security arrived, Serra asked them if they were ready to control the customer or if they needed help, before he let the man up off the ground, the video showed.

“Alright, I’m getting off you now. The police are here,” Serra told the man.

From his position flat on his back, the man began telling casino security that he wanted to press charges against Serra.

Serra let the man up, but the man continued to rant about wanting to press charges.

The video ended as Serra told security to ask anybody there what had happened.

Serra was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame along with Ronda Rousey on Thursday. He was the 15th fighter inducted into the “Pioneer” wing, MMA Junkie reported.

In nine years fighting in the UFC, Serra finished with an 11-7 record and retired in 2013.

Serra is famous for the upset of Georges St-Pierre via a first-round knockout to claim the welterweight championship in 2007.

You can see Serra's encounter with the drunk below:

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I'm honestly confused what this had to do with law enforcement. Can someone clue me in?


It may not have something to do with law enforcement activity directly. What it DOES illustrate is proper training in defensive measures (martial arts, combatives, etc.) by officers, allows for the control and apprehension of a combative subject, with minimum force and minimum danger to the officer. Also look, no OC, baton, tasers, nuclear weapons! Good old unarmed control methods!


Not all of us are Serra.......but yes, it's a good example of a take-down vs an unarmed, extremely drunk, opponent. Tho I agree it's good, why it got posted here I don't know ? Perhaps it was a slow news day ??


This reminds of an incident over here in the uk. Two young drunks tried to pick a fight with a couple of blokes who were dressed up as women - only trouble was these two blokes were cage fighters and with no real effort, beat the shit out of the two punks!


A good dose of Karma! Mrs10 it is a good example of a person "doing the right thing!" This person despite having the ability of tearing the guy apart like a chicken simply held him down and tried to calm him down while waiting for officers to arrive. Kudos to Serra!