VIDEO: 'Unarmed Black Man' Shot, But Bodycam Video Proves It's Justified

Danville police released the bodycam video of the fatal officer-involved shooting of Juan Jones.

Danville, VA - Danville Police Department has released video which shows the shooting of 25-year-old Juan Jones Sunday night (video below.)

The incident started as a domestic violence call in the 2300 block of North Main Street at around 1:30 a.m., according to WSET.

Officers arrived and contacted a female victim who said that Jones had attacked her.

While officers were on scene, Jones drove up to officers and they repeatedly ordered him out of the car. He refused to obey their commands before eventually backing his car away from officers.

The officers on scene seemed content to let Jones back away from them, as there was no other way for Jones to drive out.

Officers continued to try to talk to Jones and get him to surrender as they called for backup. Jones moved his car around while continuing to ignore officers' commands.

Jones finally parked his car and remained unresponsive as the officers tried to reason with him.

Finally, Jones accelerated his car forward where it got stuck in the nearby brush.

Officers confronted Jones as he exited his vehicle and attempted to de-escalate the situation while Jones was refusing to show his hands.

An officer deployed his Taser, which had no effect on the suspect.

Finally, Jones brought his hidden hand forward and joined it with his other hand in a shooting stance. Officers reacted by shooting Jones.

Officers provided first aid and called for medics. Jones was transported to Sovah Health where he was pronounced dead.

No weapon was recovered at the scene.

Jones' aunt, Sarah Lipscomb, saw the video before it was released to the media and she claims that the shooting wasn't justified, helping to kick off protests.

Virginia State Police will be handling the investigation, and they will turn over their findings to the Commonwealth's Attorney for review, according to WSET.

You can see the video of the shooting below. The actual shooting happens near the end. WARNING: Graphic content.

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Another animal thug bites the dust!


This is not a color thing. Same thing would have happened to anyone who turned and pointed their hands towards the police! He knew what he was doing and he got what he was looking for. Emotional people do not think straight but cops cannot wait to find out. These guys were absolutely professional...


This is just getting plain stupid! This guy knew if he didn't respond to the directions given by the police officer that he would eventually be shot. It's become widely known and talked about continually for the last... what...three to four years!? People know if you show threatening moves you will most likely be shot! Suicide by cop..? 😢


Good shoot and it could have been avoided if he had listened and done exactly what the police told him to do. I have watched numerous shooting videos like this and every time the perp refuses to listen and act accordingly. Good shoot.


Glad our men were safe. I see too many of them killed while responding to Domestic Violence calls.