VIDEO: Two Men Exchange Bullets Inside Busy Texas Whataburger

Two men shot each other during an altercation at a Whataburger restaurant early Sunday morning.

​Victoria, TX – Two men were hospitalized with gunshot wounds on Sunday morning, after they shot each other inside a busy Whataburger restaurant, police said (video below).

A customer began recording the scene with a cell phone after the initial shots were fired, and captured the second shooting on camera.

Victoria Police Department (VPD) officers were called to the Whataburger at 2:30 a.m., and found 35-year-old Rudolfo Estrada and 34-year-old Lorenzo Banda bleeding profusely, the Victoria Advocate reported.

Both men had at least two gunshot wounds, and were rushed to local hospitals, VPD Officer David Brogger told the Victoria Advocate.

Orlando Cantu, who posted a video of the altercation to Facebook, said that he was inside the restaurant when Banda shot Estrada twice.

Estrada then took the gun from Banda, and shot Banda twice in self-defense, according to Cantu.

"Rudy was on the floor bleeding out, and I went and helped him out," Cantu said. "I got some napkins, put them on his wound and put pressure on it."

Estrada underwent a five-hour surgery and remained in a medically-induced coma as of Tuesday, his friend, Ariana Munoz, told the Victoria Advocate.

She said that one of the bullets ripped through the left side of Estrada’s intestine, before it shattered his tailbone.

Banda was listed in critical condition at a San Antonio hospital on Monday, a hospital spokeswoman said.

According to the Victoria Advocate, Estrada had no local criminal history.

Banda had a local police record for bail jumping, traffic violations, theft, and failure to appear.

The investigation into the shooting was ongoing, and no arrests have been made, Officer Brogger said..

Watch Cantu’s cell phone recording of the incident in the video below:

No. 1-10

it's what they put in the burgers.


I'm sorry but the visual im getting of this sounds a lot like a Three Stooges movie.

Picture it: one guy shoots another guy. The other takes the gun away from the guy who shot him and them shoots him. Then they both "fall down, go boom"!

The only thing funnier would have been if instead of shooting the guy who shot him, the guy accidentally shot himself!" 😀


Wow! When they named it "Whataburger!" they weren't kidding!


Shoulda gone to Rudy's for BBQ!


The real shame is that they both didn't die.