VIDEO: Tesla Driver Caught Taking Nap On Busy Los Angeles Freeway

A Tesla driver was caught on video napping as he drove down Interstate 5 in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles, CA – A Tesla driver in Los Angeles was caught on video sleeping behind the wheel of his car on a busy freeway (video below).

The incident occurred on Aug. 17 as journalist Clint Olivier and his wife, Alisha, were driving south on Interstate 5 in Los Angeles at full speed, according to the Independent.

As Olivier passed a black Tesla that was in the middle lane, he and his wife noticed that the driver had his head back and his eyes shut.

So Alisha started filming with her cell phone, the Independent reported.

The video showed the sleeping driver had his arms folded across his chest and was not holding the steering wheel.

“He’s totally asleep. This is crazy,” Alisha said as she filmed the battery-powered car zipping along on auto-pilot.

The video ended shortly thereafter when the man woke up abruptly and put his hands on the steering wheel.

“I haven’t checked the DMV manual,” Olivier told KCBS. “But I’m guessing it’s illegal to sleep while driving a car. And I am guessing Tesla does not recommend you sleep while driving your car.”

Olivier tweeted the video to Ralph Nader a few days later.

“Ralph can you do anything about stopping this disturbing phenomenon? My wife and I shot this video last week on the busy I-5 in LA. @Tesla #sleepingdrivers #unsafeatanyspeed,” he wrote.

Tesla and other automated carmakers have claimed that the auto-pilot technology made cars safer on the road, but they caution that it’s not for snoozing drivers.

The company’s website said “autopilot is intended for use with a fully attentive driver, who has their hands on the wheel and is prepared to take over at any time.”

The Oliviers told KCBS that the auto-pilot feature was a success from their perspective.

They said the car stayed in its lane at high speed and didn’t weave.

Watch the Tesla navigate itself down a Los Angeles freeway in the video below:

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It's a self driving car! I'll be darned if I pay for that and still have to stay awake. Pilots do the same thing.If he's that rich, he probably set an alarm to wake him once they got close to his exit.


That what happens now a days as technology gets better and better. What’d you expect? That’s one of the reasons people buy these cars. I agree with Excalibr4, I’m pretty sure it wakes him close to his exit.


And that is one reason self driving cars are a dumb idea. Complacency. Technology turning people stupid. BTW there are 2 pilots minimum in the cockpit, so yeah, one may sneak in a nap, but it’s rare unless it’s an overseas flight. Then they have relief pilots take over so the other crew can rest.


Wow, how does that work if you're asleep and the person in front of you stops? Just wondering 🤷🏼‍♀️


Isn't the first time this has been caught on video, and won't be the last. Since it's a "self driving car," it's no difference than taking a nap on the bus or the train.

Statistically speaking, don't non-self driving cars kill more people that self driving cars? and there are def more crashes with regular cars compared to self driving ones, esp with serious injuries.