VIDEO: Teen Grabs Stranger's Baby From Shopping Cart, Throws It On Ground

Police arrested a 17-year-old boy who went on a drug-fueled rampage in a grocery store parking lot.

Edmond, OK – A teenager who claimed he was high on laced marijuana grabbed a baby in its car seat and threw it across a grocery store parking lot (video below).

Security cameras in the store’s parking lot captured video of the 17-year-old boy’s rampage.

First, the boy ran up to a moving white SUV and started banging on it.

Then the video showed he approached a woman with a baby who was loading groceries into her car.

The baby was sitting in a car seat atop the grocery cart when the boy approached.

The video showed he picked up the baby in its carrier and hurled it to the pavement.

The car seat rolled a couple of times with the child strapped inside it as the teen stormed away.

The baby's mother said that the seat protected the baby from serious injury.

Seconds later, security camera footage showed the teen tried to bend a metal parking sign in half with his bare hands.

But he still wasn’t done.

Edmond Police Department Spokeswoman Jenny Wagnon said the boy continued his “erratic” behavior and “exposed himself” and “flipped people off,” KFOR reported.

Then he stripped naked and ran into oncoming traffic.

“He jumped on my hood and he kicked the grill on my truck when he jumped off,” a caller told 911, according to KFOR.

Witness Jack Powell said the 17 year old was asking people for weapons.

“He was asking the guy to go get him a knife,” Powell told KFOR. “I guess he wanted to fight the people that were chasing him down the street.”

Officers found the teen laying naked in a driveway and looking for a fight.

He resisted arrest but officers were ultimately able to take him into custody, KFOR reported.

Two officers were injured during that altercation.

The boy told police that he’d smoked marijuana and thought it might have been laced with something else, KFOR reported.

The incident was similar enough to one in May that police are investigating the possibility that they are related.

In that case, teenage suspect Isaiah Lewis ran naked through backyards and broke into a home before he was fatally shot by police, KFOR reported.

“What we have been doing in this investigation is trying to figure out who is distributing this marijuana laced with another drug,” Wagnon said.

The 17-year-old boy who threw the baby was charged with aggravated assault and battery, assault on a police officer, indecent exposure, public intoxication, and malicious injury or destruction of property, KFOR reported.

Watch the bizarre series of event occur in the video below:

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maybe he was smoking weed laced with typical crazy lowlife black behaviors?

Louise S
Louise S

Another 'random' hate crime by the 13%?


To bad nobody was carrying, should have got a couple rounds in the head.


Laced with PCP?


How about being charged with attempted murder? Child endangerment, child abuse?