VIDEO: Teen Bodyslams, Disarms Cop At High School

A Riverside County sheriff's deputy was injured by a student as he tried to break up a fight on Friday.

San Jacinto, CA – A Riverside County sheriff’s deputy was injured during an with a student outside a California high school on Friday.

The teen attacked the deputy while he was trying to break up a fight (video below).

The incident occurred at approximately 1:30 p.m., when the deputy – who is also the school resource officer – intervened in a physical altercation between two students, according to The Press-Enterprise.

A large crowd quickly swarmed the area, and ignored orders to leave, Riverside County Sheriff’s spokesperson Deputy Robyn Flores explained.

A student told KCBS that she saw a male student hitting a female student in the face.

“You don’t touch a woman. You’re going to be arrested,” the deputy told the male, according to the student witness.

When the deputy was unable to subdue the combative teen, he drew his baton, the student witness told KCBS.

“He wouldn’t go down, so he got his baton and hit his legs,” she explained.

Cell phone footage captured the moment that the male student lunged at the school resource officer, tackling him to the ground.

Substitute teacher Daniel Levya said he saw students trying to pull the teen off of the deputy, so he rushed to intervene, KCBS reported.

“That’s when I just ran in there and started telling everybody to back off,” Levya said.

The substitute teacher then witnessed one of the students grab the deputy’s baton away from him.

“I took it off of his hands ’cause he pulled it off of him and he was trying to hide it, but I saw him so I went in there and just grabbed it,” he said.

Levya said the student’s actions clearly displayed a “lack of respect for authority,” but the teen’s mother claimed her son had done nothing wrong.

According to the woman, the teen was trying to break up the original fight, when the deputy suddenly began hitting him with a baton, she told KCBS.

She agreed that her son took the deputy’s baton away, but said she would expect anyone else to do the same.

The student who attacked the deputy was arrested, The Press-Enterprise reported.

The deputy suffered minor injuries, and was treated at the scene, according to KNBC.

You can watch cell phone footage of the brazen attack in the video below:

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It’s a total joke with these young hooligans! No respect for an adult or an officer in uniform! Guess what: they’ll grow up to be Democrat Politicians! We as a civil society needs to get a handle on these kids before it’s too late(or maybe it is too late!).


The kid's prison term should be lengthy! No if's, and's or but's about it! Let him receive real punishment at the hands of other prisoners.


We need a program to send these idiots to real zones of education. Iran, Pakistan. :)


The real problem here (and with society as a whole,) is that Momma doesn’t think her son did anything wrong, or she knows he was wrong but still defends him. This serves only to further perpetuate his horrid and criminal behavior. I say he doesn’t make it to 30 if he isn’t by then a prisoner courtesy of the State.