VIDEO: Synagogue Security Guard Shoots YouTuber During 'First Amendment Audit'

A YouTube personality was livestreaming outside a synagogue when a security guard shot her in the leg

Los Angeles, CA - A YouTube personality that goes by the name “Furry Potato” was shot in the leg during a live stream outside a synagogue and Jewish high school on Thursday.

The YouTube personality was identified as Zhoie Perez, who said that she was a transgender female. She was shot at about 12:20 p.m. after taking video of a security guard standing behind a fence, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Perez was allegedly doing a "First Amendment Audit" which is usually when people try to provoke police officers to violate their rights on video.

The video started with Perez taking video of the security guard.

“This guard just pulled a gun out on me, everybody,” Perez said.

Perez continued to video the guard who was holding a gun with both hands and rocking back and forth.

“He told me he was going to shoot me dead. He said if I move he was going to shoot me dead,” Perez said.

The security guard can be heard asking why he was being recorded.

“He said he was going to shoot me dead if I moved, everybody,” Perez repeated. “No, he said he was going to shoot me if I move.”

Perez then started to give his location.

The security guard said, “Get away” and then four seconds later fired a shot that hit Perez while he was taking video.

“Oh!” Perez said after being shot as he ran away. “That f**ker shot me. That f**ker shot me in the leg.”

In the background, the security guard can be heard to say, “Get away.”

Then the security guard followed Perez and insisted he shot at the floor.

It's not clear if the shot ricocheted before striking Perez.

A bystander came and applied a bandage to the gunshot wound as the police arrived.

Perez was hostile to the police, according to the video. She complained about being handcuffed when police secured the scene when they first arrived.

Later, Perez refused to give her name to the police.

“Hey, what’s your last name, buddy?” another police officer asked Perez.

“I’m alright, buddy,” Perez shot back. “Until I can get my hand on my camera, I’m not talking to you guys.”

Perez has more than 17,000 subscribers on YouTube, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The police arrested the guard, identified as Edduin Zelayagrunfeld, 44, according to the Los Angeles Times. Zelayagrunfeld was charged with suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, according to the police.

Perez was not charged with a crime.

You can see video from the shooting below:

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I'm not going to comment on the "citizen" who was just filming.

I will comment on the grossly undertrained "wanna be" security guard. He has issues....


OMG talk about fake news... "YouTuber" only has three subscribers

calling this (he)she/it a YouTuber is like calling me a Canadian because I've been in Canada for about three hours (parents drove Detroit to Niagara Falls through Canada)


Harassment at its worst form. These people that go around harassing and taunting are no different than other criminals. You play with fire, you get burned.👍


These people do nothing but goad, provoke, and challenge people to get a reaction, then when they do they cry and shout “see what he did”. What was the guard doing to provoke this asshole in the first place? Seems to me he was minding his own business, when this sorry excuse for a human came along, started filming, goading and prodding the guard for NO reason. Who among us wouldn’t get angry if such actions were directed against us. That moron wanted a reaction, and got one. Now this guard will face charges, lose his job and career, livelyhood, and have a criminal record. In other words, his life, and his families lives are turned upside down. All because this trouble making son of a bitch wanted to provoke a confrontation. Too bad it was only the leg!


There to provoke a violent act and shocked when he succeeded! What an idiot! He deserves to go to jail for harassment.