VIDEO: Suspect Tases Officer In The Face During Bloody Fight

Logan Stidham violently attacked Evansville Police Officer Sean Reed on Oct. 31.

Evansville, IN – An Evansville police officer was tased in the face by a combative suspect outside an elementary school on Oct. 31 (video below).

Bodycam footage captured the struggle that ensued as the attacker sat on top of one of the officers.

The incident began at approximately 6:50 a.m., when a Fairlawn Elementary School employee spotted 22-year-old Logan Stidham loitering near the front doors of the school, the Courier & Press reported.

When the employee asked him why he was there, Stidham claimed that he was picking up his child from daycare, according to the Courier & Press.

The school does not offer pre-kindergarten programs, and sessions do not begin until 8:15 a.m.

The employee recognized that Stidham was being untruthful, and called 911.

Evansville Police Officer Sean Reed arrived at the scene and told Stidham to stop numerous times, but he refused. The officer then asked for his identification and told him he was going to search him.

“No, you are not,” Stidham replied, according to the Courier & Press.

Officer Reed grabbed him by the arm, at which point Stidham attempted to get away.

During the altercation that ensued, Stidham managed to gain control of Officer Reed’s Taser, and deployed the weapon into the officer’s face at least once.

A second officer, identified only as “Officer Green” in the arrest affidavit, arrived at the scene after the scuffle was well underway, bodycam footage showed.

“Get off of him!” Officer Green ordered, pointing his duty weapon at Stidham.

“Blood everywhere,” Stidham said several times, as he sat on top of Officer Reed’s torso.

Officer Green deployed his Taser, but it had no effect.

The officers struggled to subdue the violent attacker, who at one point appeared to have Officer Reed pinned in a scissor hold with his legs.

Additional officers arrived at the scene, and managed to wrestle Stidham into handcuffs.

Officer Reed later explained that he and Stidham had fallen to the ground during the encounter, at which point Stidham took his Taser, the Courier & Press reported.

"I couldn’t roll him…I just kept control of his hands," Officer Reed explained. "He didn’t try to go for my gun, but he did pick up my Taser."

Officer Reed was transported to the hospital for treatment of a head injury and facial wounds.

Stidham was also taken to the hospital for a medical evaluation.

"We want our officers to win the fight," Evansville Police Sergeant Jason Cullum told WFIE. "Sometimes you get bloodied up during the fight. But, if you survive the fight and the bad guy goes to jail, then you've won the fight. And, that's what happened."

The suspect was subsequently transported to the Vanderburgh County Jail, where he was booked on charges of criminal trespass on school property, resisting law enforcement with a deadly weapon, battery with a deadly weapon, battery with bodily injury to a public safety officer, and disarming a law enforcement officer resulting in serious bodily injury, the Courier & Press reported.

Stidham is being held on $50,000 bond, and is due back in court on Dec. 19.

You can watch bodycam footage of the altercation below:

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The taser is a great tool. But the abandonment of impact tools in law enforcement, in my opinion, was a mistake. A solid cocobolo nightstick is a great equalizer.


Should have introduced his face to his nightstick.


The other officer should have used deadly force. He had his taser and shot he officer. He would have been justified!


Instead of pointing his gun at the perp who was beating the sh*t out of his brother officer, should have pulled the trigger or just plain knocked the guy on his arse with a solid punch or nightstick. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do for survival of yourself and fellow LEO's!! Better to be tried by 12 than carried by safe out there!


Far, far too much "talking" by the responding officer. The longer the suspect is atop the officer, the greater danger that officer is in! One command followed by a taser shot into the face is what should have happened. If that didn't work then a bullet to the head should have followed.