VIDEO: Suspect Stabs Mother In Head Before Pointing Gun At Police

Holly Matkin

Hector Miranda was armed with a large knife and a replica handgun when he was fatally shot by Phoenix police.

Phoenix, AZ – A violent suspect stabbed his mother in the head and pointed a gun at Phoenix police before he was fatally shot in the middle of a residential neighborhood, bodycam footage showed (video below).

The incident began on Sept. 9 at approximately 4:30 p.m., when police received a report that a man stabbed a woman in the head in the area of Thunderbird Road and 43rd Avenue, Phoenix Police Department Sergeant Tommy Thompson said in the video release.

Officers later learned that the suspect, 47-year-old Hector Miranda, had stabbed his own mother with the blade, causing a “deep cut” on her head, Sgt. Thompson explained.

The bloodied victim managed to escape to her neighbor’s home.

“She said that he started flipping out and…he’s got weapons,” the neighbor told the 911 call taker. “He’s got guns and…from the looks of it she’s stabbed in the head.”

One of the neighbors rushed the injured woman to the hospital.

Police responded to the scene and made contact with the 911 caller, who directed them to Miranda’s home, Sgt. Thompson said.

As the officer was speaking with the neighbor, Miranda came walking down the street armed with a gun and a “long knife,” according to the sergeant.

Another officer, who was positioned behind Miranda at the opposite end of the street, spotted the armed suspect and ordered him to drop his weapons.

“He’s saying he wants to commit suicide,” one officer said over the radio. “He’s walking towards me.”

“Miranda ignored their commands and continued to move towards the officer, pointing a handgun at him,” Sgt. Thompson said.

Both officers opened fire, striking Miranda multiple times.

The suspect fell to the ground and dropped his weapons, but still had them within his reach.

The officers repeatedly ordered Miranda to move away from the weapons, but he refused.

“The officers waited behind cover until other officers arrived so Miranda could be approached and taken into custody safely,” Sgt. Thompson said.

Because the gun and knife were still within his reach, officers deployed two less-lethal, 37-mm baton rounds “to encourage him to move away from the weapons,” and were then able to take Miranda into custody, the sergeant added.

He was transported to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The large knife and handgun he had been carrying were recovered at the scene.

The gun was later determined to be a replica, Sgt. Thompson said.

Miranda’s mother was treated for her injures, and was released from the hospital later that same evening.

Neither of the officers involved in the fatal shooting were injured during the incident.

You can watch bodycam footage of the officers’ encounter with Miranda in the video below:

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