VIDEO: Suspect Snatches Taser, Fights Off Entire Group Of Cops For Minutes

Duluth police engaged in a lengthy fight with a combative man on Friday.

Duluth, MN – Cell phone footage captured the lengthy struggle between police and a combative suspect who stole an officer’s Taser and pointed it at another officer’s face (video below).

The incident occurred outside Tri Towers in the 200-block of Second Avenue East just after 2 p.m. on Friday, KQDS reported.

Duluth police responded to the area after they received a report that an unwanted 32-year-old male at that location had a no-bond warrant for domestic assault.

The unnamed suspect attempted to flee from the officers, then resisted arrest when they tried to take him into custody out on the sidewalk, cell phone footage showed.

Three officers were already struggling to subdue the suspect when the recording began.

Just seconds later, the suspect managed to snatch an unholstered Taser away from one of the officers.

He pointed the weapon at the officers, but was unable to turn around to face them because they had him pinned up against a metal bar, the video showed.

The officer regained control of the Taser moments later, and tossed it out of the suspect’s reach before she ultimately reholstered it.

“Please! Let me talk to my wife!” the suspect said, as he continued his attempts to swat the officers away.

Another officer arrived at the scene and appeared to drive-stun the suspect with her Taser – but it had no effect.

“Help! Help!” the suspect yelled in monotone, as a fifth officer pulled up to the brawl.

The officers managed to take the suspect to the ground, where he allegedly bit one of them in the finger as they were trying to place him into handcuffs.

At least five more officers arrived at the scene before the combative suspect was led off to jail on charges of fleeing on foot, fifth-degree assault, obstruction, and disarming a police officer, KQDS reported.

“This incident illustrates the inherent dangers of police work and how quickly the dynamics can change when a subject is resisting arrest,” Duluth Police Chief Mike Tusken said.

“We train our officers to attempt to gain voluntary compliance through the use of effective communication skills to de-escalate an incident,” Chief Tusken explained, according to WDIO. “Fortunately, these tactics are effective for the vast majority of our contacts.”

The chief praised the officers for subduing the suspect while using minimal force.

"Based upon my preliminary review of the video, officers responded reasonably by using restraint in the face of a dynamic and escalating arrest of a resisting subject," he said.

You can watch footage of the officers’ encounter with the combative fugitive in the video below:

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The cock-bite that is saying; "He needs something in his defense" put down the camera, and go back to smoking your bong.


This big fellow seems more resistive and uncooperative than combative, however, fifty years ago he would have been introduced to my blackjack and five cell steel Kell light. Had nothing to do with race, only that next nearest officer would be maybe half hour away.

Louise S
Louise S

As the huge lunar eclipse waddles slowly across the horizon...


Both female cops are so out of shape that they were useless and totally ineffective, they would never last in my department.


The average black man has twice the power of the average white man and they know it and show it. Women used to be nothing but meter maids and are always the underdog in situations like this. I may be old school but I feel women don't belong on the streets as police, any more than they do in the NFL. This is also a good lesson on how ineffective tasers can be.