VIDEO: Suspect Drops Like A Board When Hit By Taser

Sandy Malone

Guam police deployed a Taser on a man who had been walking around a federal credit union with a rifle bag.

Hagåtña, GUAM – A bystander captured cell phone video of Guam police officers tasing a suspect who had carried a rifle bag into the Pentagon Federal Credit Union (video below).

The incident occurred on June 20 when officers responded to the credit union for a call about a man carrying a bag that was believed to contain a weapon, the Pacific Daily News reported.

Guam Police Sergeant Paul Tapao said officers found the man walking along Father Duenas Drive, still carrying the bag.

Police said the man appeared to be emotionally distraught, according to the Pacific Daily News.

The cell phone video showed three police officers approaching a man standing by a parked silver Toyota pickup truck in the parking lot of a store near the credit union.

“Get away from there. Get away from there. Get away from there,” an officer said in the video.

Initially the man put his hands up in the air, and he was holding onto a small package in his left hand, the video showed.

But when an officer reached for the rifle bag sitting on the truck bed, the suspect flipped and went after him.

The man faced off with the officer, but then two more officers blocked his path of escape, the video showed.

While the suspect was distracted by the two additional officers, the first one retrieved the rifle bag from where he’d stashed it in the bushes adjacent to the parking lot and handed it off to one of the other officers, the video showed.

Bracketed by two officers, the burly man huffed and puffed and held his arms out at his sides in an aggressive stance.

But then he turned and marched past one of the officers, around the front of another truck, to make good his escape from the parking lot.

Officers followed the man out of the parking lot and into the street, where they deployed a Taser to stop him.

The man screamed and dropped the package in his hand as he flew face-first to the pavement, the video showed.

Officers rushed up to him to take him into custody while the belligerent man was still incapacitated.

The video showed the man screamed as an officer knelt on his back to apply handcuffs.

Sgt. Tapao said police found a pellet gun inside the rifle bag, according to the Pacific Daily news.

The suspect was transported to Guam Behavioral Health for evaluation.

Watch officers Taser the suspect in the video below:

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Pride cometh before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.


Unless that man was doing something wrong, I fail to see why his 2nd Amendment Rights were being violated. Guam is a US Territory and is subject to the Federal laws, and the Constitutional and Amended Rights. Simply carrying a bag that may or may not conceal a long gun is hardly a crime. Many, if not most, 'states' (I'm aware that Guam is not a state) permit the open carrying of 'a firearm(s). I'm also not an expert on Guams firearm laws, but I know my Federal Rights.

However, he should have complied with the orders from the 'Policia'. This whole situation would have probably not escalated. I also believe the LEO's in this case did little to deescalate the situation before the deployment of the taser by running up and grabbing the bag. I, and many others, would have simply made contact and engaged the subject in conversation. It's not like he is going to snatch up the bag, pull the 'rifle' (if there was even one in there) and become a threat.

This is poor policing which culminated into non-compliance via the poor policing.


Luckily his pregnancy broke his fall!!