VIDEO: Suspect Demands Cop's Name, 'F--- You Is My Name'

Decatur police are investigating a viral video that showed an officer cursing at a citizen during an incident.

Decatur, AL – A Decatur police officer is under investigation after a video of him using obscenities during an altercation with a citizen went viral (video below).

The incident occurred at approximately 7:30 pm on May 24 when Decatur police responded to a call about a man holding a gun to another man’s head near the intersection of 4th Street SE and 2nd Avenue S, WAAY reported.

"Upon arrival, officers located the men matching the description provided by the passerby,” Decatur Police Chief Nathaniel Allen said in a statement. “The officers detained the men to investigate. During the course of that investigation, officers discovered that one of the men was in possession of a handgun.”

Police subsequently learned that the two men were staging footage for a music video and the man with the gun had a valid permit to carry it, WSFA reported.

They admitted to police they had posed with one man pointing a gun at the other but said there had been no intent to commit a crime, according to Chief Allen.

One of the men who was detained behaved in an argumentative manner and was confrontational with the officers, WAAY reported.

Video filmed by a bystander showed the man asking for a supervisor and complaining that he had been “unlawfully searched.”

In fact, officers do have the right to stop and frisk citizens under the Terry vs. Ohio, according to WSFA.

“You don’t really know half the s--t you’re talking about,” the officer told the man in the video.

“I know enough. I know I need your badge number and your name,” the man replied as the officer walked away as if headed to his vehicle.

“529. 529 is my badge number,” the officer turned around and walked back to stand close to the man who was questioning him.

“Are you trying to threaten me?” the man asked in the video. “It’s looking very like you’re trying to threaten me.”

The officer told the man he wasn’t threatening him and said that if he wanted to question him, he should contact city hall, the video showed.

The man again asked to speak to a supervisor and the officer pointed to another officer who was on the scene as he began walking away again.

“What was your name and your badge number again?” the man asked the retreating officer.

“F--k you,” the officer replied softly, without turning around.

“What you say?” the man asked.

“F--k you is my name,” the frustrated officer turned and replied, and then continued on his way, the video showed.

The bystander recording celebrated having caught the officer’s moment of lapsed judgment on camera.

He posted the video to social media and it went viral almost overnight, bringing the matter to the attention of Decatur police officials.

The police chief quickly launched an internal affairs investigation into the incident, WSFA reported.

“During the encounter, one of the responding officers demonstrated an unprofessional demeanor and conduct that was unbecoming of a Decatur Police Officer,” Chief Allen said. “The conduct displayed by the officer was not acceptable and is being addressed. Because this is a personnel matter currently under review, the department will not release any additional information.”

The police department has not released the officer in the video’s name, nor have they said whether he has faced any sort of discipline or change of status while the investigation is underway, WSFA reported.

Watch the confrontation unfold in the video below:

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Bad Bob
Bad Bob

I'd give him a letter of reprimand.


Did these thugs have permission to be filming a music video in that area that involved a scene using real guns for the public to see, which prompted them to call the police in the first place??? Stupid ass punks and their entitled attitudes!!

John Morell
John Morell

Good for him go sell drugs but tell your neighbors don't call 911 when one of you get shot..


I don't see a problem with his name. For years I thought my first name was Mother.


That’s mild compared to the names I’ve been called, that is some funny shit. That cop should get a paid day off!