VIDEO: Suspect Brawls With Cops In Street, Gets Tased And Makes A Run For It

Sandy Malone

A video of Reading police trying to arrest Kerry George in the middle of a Reading street has gone viral.

Reading, PA – A video has gone viral of Reading police officers trying to arrest a suspect in the middle of a Reading street on Monday before he escaped their grasp and made a run for it (video below).

Police said that officers responded to a call for a man chasing people with a knife in the 900 block of Penn Street at about 3:20 p.m. on Oct. 7, the Reading Eagle reported.

A passerby confronted the knife-wielding man, later identified as 39-year-old Kerry George.

George lunged at the man and slashed at him with his knife, the Reading Eagle reported.

The man, who was not injured, retreated into a nearby bar and called police.

When police arrived, they reviewed surveillance video of the street where the altercation occurred, the Reading Eagle reported.

Then someone in the bar volunteered that they knew where George could be found and gave the officers that information.

Police spotted George and tried to take him into custody, but the suspect resisted arrest, the Reading Eagle reported.

Cell phone video captured by a passerby was posted to social media and showed the officers struggling with George in the middle of the lane of traffic adjacent to the sidewalk.

George resisted arrest, punching and kicking at the officers, the video showed.

Meanwhile, the video showed his companion – 51-year-old Kimberlee Fields – stood on the sidewalk yelling at them.

More officers joined the struggle and the man behind the video warned George, “You’re gonna get Tased, homey. You’re gonna get Tased.”

Officers were struggling to get George into handcuffs when Fields tried to intervene in the arrest.

The video showed an officer pushed Fields back when she leaned into the arrest, and she came back at him.

He continued trying to push her out of the fray and she began kicking him, the video showed.

Then she started throwing things at the officers.

Finally, a supervisor pulled out his Taser and deployed it at George, but it seemingly had zero effect on the angry suspect.

George used the split-second when the Taser was deployed and officers took a step back from him to jump to his feet and make his getaway.

The video showed George tore out the Taser prongs, knocked an officer to the ground with a punch, and then mowed him over as he dashed across the street in his bid for freedom.

Officers were chasing the suspect down the middle of a busy street in the rain as the video ended.

Police recovered a knife at the scene, WFMZ reported.

Reading police said that George and Fields were taken into custody later that night, the Reading Eagle reported.

They were both charged with aggravated assault, causing a riot, and disorderly conduct.

Police said George was out on bail for a felony drug charge when he was arrested for the melee in the street, WFMZ reported.

Neither suspect was injured in the brouhaha, but the officers involved in the altercation did suffer minor injuries, according to the Reading Eagle.

The head of the local police union praised the officers’ handling of the arrest.

"Our officers did a great job in this arrest," Fraternal Order of Police Lodge No. 9 President Charles Menges told the Reading Eagle. "It drew every police officer in the city, including City Hall. We're glad this guy was not able to harm anyone."

Some witnesses called the entire scene bizarre, WFMZ reported.

“I don't know the individual, but it was absolutely something I haven't seen in a long time," witness Michael Johnston said. "For a guy to be actually Tasered and walk away and take off down the street."

"It looks like he assaulted a police officer," Johnston said. "That was pretty bizarre in the middle of Reading."

Watch the bizarre incident unfold in the video below (WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT):

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Run Cleatus run!!!


Society is taking a dump and these guys in uniform are not paid enough nor supported enough to stem the problem.

Being a LEO is an honorable profession, sadly too many politicians and many less than honorable citizens see them as societies garbage men.


perp was amish, force was used, and officers are white... i see accusations of excessive force in the future, protests to discipline the officers, and a lawsuit unless the charges are dropped in the near future.....

Jim H. - Virginia US
Jim H. - Virginia US

I really fail to understand why the majority of the population does not comprehend the fact that if you simply comply, bad things don't happen, and you can go to court and have things adjudicated.

I can't believe everyone is cheering for him. It's a sad state of society. It is is incredibly sad.

I think the reason is that so many people are so stupid and were not raised properly these days. Plus, there is all this news media constantly telling people that peace officers are bad people, and resistance is noble and often rewarded. They have influenced people so much that they call for LEOs to be disarmed, and even entire agencies like ICE to be disbanded.

Democrats are going to destroy this country.


Oh boy


Another story where a Taser was used and was totally ineffective. I'm not even sure why police departments are still using them. A little (or a lot) of pepper in his eyes, nose, and mouth while he was on the ground would have made running pretty challenging. The only thing you need to watch out for is spraying your partner instead of the bad guy.


I had a similar incident where a NURSE, of all people, stood there and yelled at us for arresting a man who had 6 balloons of Heroin in his mouth saying ( does it take all of you to arrest one boy?) The BOY was a 32 yr old heroin addict with a long rap sheet of dealing drug to KIDS. I arrested her only after tell her 5 times to leave. When she came to court her attorney approached be and ask if I was the officer that arrested "Her Client". I said yes and handed her a copy of the offense report, which Obviously she NEVER READ before hand..odd. She read it, turned around and told her client to "Plead no contest". She was fined and given 30 days community service. I also called her supervisor,,whom I just happened to have gone to high school with, and she got more when she showed up for work. BEST day of my time of the Dept.


Obama's World started this disrespect and mob mentality towards police. It's now being openly pushed by Mayors like Pittsburgh, Portland, Seattle, and Milwaukee. I feel for these officers that hear and see the screams of the crowd.


The usual suspect. The usual resistance. The usual (eventual) trip to jail. What an idiot!🤣🤣🤣🤣


Wheres the knife?


Why not put a bullet in his face and save someone from getting murdered sometime in the future.