VIDEO: Suspect Brags To Cops How She's A 'Hero' For Vandalizing Pro-Life Posters

Sasha Timofeeva was charged with multiple offenses for the brazen attack on a pro-life activist and his display.

Madison, WI – A Wisconsin woman laughed and called herself a hero as she confessed to attacking a pro-life activist and spray-painting his property (video below).

Footage of the incident and the woman’s interview with police were posted online by Created Equal, a pro-life group that the victim was representing during the attack.

The incident occurred outside the University of Wisconsin – Madison on April 22, after Sasha Timofeeva spotted the pro-life activists and their poster displays, and became enraged.

Timofeeva later told police that she “just got mad at them,” so she went and grabbed a can of spray paint, and “drove back there,” the video showed.

Cell phone footage showed the blue-haired Timofeeva as she charged towards the posters with the can in her hand.

“Excuse me miss,” one of the activists said as he ran towards her. “Don’t do that. Don’t do that.”

“Or what?” she retorted.

The pro-life activist told her that he would call the police if she continued vandalizing the signs, but Timofeeva was undeterred.

“Go ahead,” she said, marching towards another sign.

“F--k you – they’re triggering,” she added. “They hurt people.”

Security footage showed the activist chasing Timofeeva around one of the signs as she sprayed paint all over it.

“Ma’am, don’t do this,” he asked her repeatedly.

“F--k you and your stupid signs,” Timofeeva retorted.

As the activist managed to yank the sign away from her, a woman walked by and egged the vandal on.

“Yes honey!” she cheered. “You’re my hero!”

Timofeeva thanked her as she ran towards another sign.

“You’re not allowed to do that,” another woman told her.

“Call the police then,” Timofeeva suggested.

A male bystander attempted to intervene by telling the suspect that he agreed with her views on abortion, but that she was “not doing the right thing here,” the video showed.

As Timofeeva closed in on the activist at one point during the confrontation, he reached forward and attempted to grab the spray paint can away from her.

“F--king take my property?” the suspect asked, retaining her hold.

“You’re spray painting ours, so please stop,” the activist reiterated.

“Yeah, I don’t give a s--t!” Timofeeva said. “F--k you and your stupid message.”

The suspect then appeared to shove past the man in order to spray the sign behind him.

The activist told her she was assaulting him, and again urged her to stop.

“You just tried to grab my f--king spray paint!” she argued. “So, are you gonna tell the police that? I don’t give a s--t.”

Timofeeva vandalized at least one more sign before she hustled out to the street and jumped into the driver’s seat of a parked SUV.

She then stomped on the accelerator, and nearly struck the activist with her vehicle, the video showed.

He was able to record her license plate number, which he provided to police.

Investigators later made contact with the vandal, who showed up at her interview with a baby in her arms.

Timofeeva readily admitted that she decided to vandalize the signs after seeing them made her “mad,” the video showed.

“So, your every intention at that point…you premeditated ‘I’m going to get the spray can, I’m going to leave, go get it, and then come back?’” the officer asked her. “And you intentionally sprayed their signs to damage them, knowing that that’s what would happen?”

“Yup,” Timofeeva confirmed. “Yeah, pretty much.”

After confessing to the crime, the suspect laughingly bragged to the officer about the praise she had allegedly received from witnesses.

“Like three girls walked by and they said that I’m a hero,” she giggled. “So, it was – it was causing a little bit of a scene.”

Timofeeva noted that the activists were probably upset that she had damaged their property, but that their feelings didn’t matter to her.

“I honestly don’t care how they feel,” she told the officer.

The officer explained that someone could have been severely injured if the spray paint had gotten into their eyes, and told the brazen vandal that the baby she’d packed into her police interview should be her “priority.”

Timofeeva was issued citations for disorderly conduct, graffiti, and assaultive behavior.

“It’s not just the attack that is alarming but also the student’s response when she got busted,” Created Equal said in the video caption. “Pro-abortion activists who commit violence must be held accountable. Thanks to the law enforcement in the video, that is exactly what is happening.”

You can watch footage of Timofeeva’s confrontation with the pro-life activist in the video below:

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Ahhh. A liberal was triggered, which justified her vandalism, of which she has 0 regrets about doing, and she doesn't care about the feelings of the activists.

Hopefully the DA mandates jail time, and she learns her lesson that this type of behavior is unacceptable. If not, than it's likely she learn that her actions don't have consequences, and it will escalate until someone puts a stop to her (and even then, it won't be her fault, just ask her)


No jail time, so, absolutely no regrets.


Her mother should have aborted HER!


Wonder if she kisses her baby with that mouth?


She was a raging cunt no doubt but the people she was terrorizing were sheep. Someone needed to stand up to her and pop her in the mouth once and that would have been the end of that.