VIDEO: Suspect Attacks Cop Then Drags Him Down Road

Holly Matkin

An Alpharetta Department of Public Safety officer was dragged approximately 30 feet by a fleeing suspect's vehicle.

Alpharetta, GA – The Alpharetta Department of Public Safety (ADPS) has released dashcam footage that captured the moment that a reckless driver dragged an Alpharetta police officer with his vehicle while trying to flee from a traffic stop (video below).

The incident occurred at 6:40 p.m. on April 5, after the officer spotted a motorist driving recklessly on Old Milton Parkway, ADPS said in the video release.

The driver, later identified as 24-year-old Dennis Aguirre, allegedly admitted to the officer that he had just smoked marijuana with a friend, the Alpharetta-Milton Patch reported.

The officer suspected that Aguirre was driving while impaired, and was also concerned that there might have been illegal drugs inside the suspect’s vehicle.

“Due to Mr. Aguirre’s responses and behavior, he was ordered to get of his car,” the ADPS said in the video release.

But as the officer was placing him in handcuffs, Aguirre suddenly tensed up and began to pull away, dashcam footage showed.

During the ensuing struggle, Aguirre managed to get back inside his vehicle, but the officer maintained his hold on him.

The officer’s arm became pinned inside the suspect’s car, just as Aguirre stomped on the accelerator, the Alpharetta-Milton Patch reported.

He dragged the trapped officer for several feet before the vehicle lurched to a halt.

The officer regained his footing and continued to struggle with Aguirre, who hit the gas once again.

The officer managed to shut the vehicle off, even though the suspect continued his attempts to drive away.

The scuffle spilled out onto the roadway and into a nearby parking lot, where the officer tackled Aguirre and knocked him to the ground.

A second officer then arrived at the scene, and Aguirre was subdued and placed under arrest.

The officer suffered minor injuries during the altercation, according to the ADPS.

He was treated at the scene, and has returned to duty.

Before he was booked into jail, Aguirre was transported to North Fulton Regional Hospital, where he was medically cleared.

During a search of his vehicle, police seized 30 grams of marijuana, 185 grams of THC wax, a glass smoking device, THC vape canisters, empty Ziploc bags, a digital scale, plastic one-gram THC wax containers, and $2,149 in cash, the Alpharetta-Milton Patch reported.

Aguirre faces multiple charges, including trafficking illegal narcotics, aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, DUI, possession of illegal narcotics with intent to distribute, reckless driving, and other traffic-related offenses, according to the ADPS.

You can watch dashcam footage of the officer’s encounter with Aguirre in the video below:

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Are dash cams programmed to move with officers movement? Anyway good job and glad the cop wasn't hurt.


Scary shit being a cop. Props to our heroes.


The officer did a great job and never gave up. That's the way to do it!

Burgers Allday
Burgers Allday

I don't believe that his arm was trapped, or stuck, or anything like that. He got dragged because he was holding onto the vehicle or the passenger. Hate to see policemen lying like that.


So glad he is ok my very best to him. GREAT JOB❤️Thank you for job to protect and serve!!! I truly get it...GOD BLESS YOU


Great job by this Officer, thank God he wasn't hurt even more!


I see our resident troll and keyboard commando, "Burgers Allday" has once again sent his message of idiocy deep from within the bowels of his mom's basement. Rumor has it he is far too obese to qualify to be a LEO, so he vents his frustration on L.E. sites. How obese you ask? He walks into a restaurant, looks at the menu and says "Yes, please". Hence the name "Burgers Allday", because that's his primary activity. Either that or it's his job description. Perhaps both.

That aside, great job by the officer to stay in the fight and not quit. Thankfully he wasn't seriously hurt.