VIDEO: Surveillance Captures Gunfight As Thugs Try To Carjack Chicago Cop

An off-duty Chicago police officer returned fire when two would-be carjackers began shooting at him.

Chicago, IL – A gunfight erupted between an off-duty Chicago police officer and two armed men, after the suspects attempted to carjack the officer’s vehicle, recently released surveillance footage showed (video below).

The incident occurred at 8:55 a.m. on Apr. 20, as the unnamed officer was about to head off to his barbershop, WGN reported.

The video, which was released by the Civilian Office of Police Accountability on Wednesday, showed two men in hooded sweatshirts as they approached the officer’s black BMW.

As the men walked past the car, they suddenly glanced over their shoulders, and stepped towards the passenger door.

One suspect opened the door, as the second man rushed towards the driver’s side.

The men then pointed their weapons at the off-duty officer, who was sitting in the driver’s seat, WMAQ reported.

The officer jumped out of the car with his weapon drawn, and moved past the second suspect towards a silver Jeep parked behind the BMW, the video showed.

Investigators said that he identified himself as a police officer just before the shootout ensued, WMAQ reported.

One of the suspects then fired his weapon at the officer, WGN reported.

The officer began shooting at the assailants from the roadway, but his weapon appeared to malfunction, the video showed.

One of the suspects emerged from the passenger side of the BMW and opened fire while his accomplice scrambled out the rear passenger door.

Police said that both would-be carjackers ran to a vehicle waiting nearby and fled the scene, WGN reported.

No one was injured in the exchange of gunfire, but the window of a nearby parked vehicle was shattered, police told WMAQ.

The suspects remain at large.

You can watch surveillance footage of the shootout in the video below:

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Too bad the officer missed. Hope they catch the animals. Where's the outrage for the officer sitting in his car minding his own business and the thugs attacked him?


Animal thugs!


Damn they should be dead!


this cop needs to spend some time on the range ...ugh .


They we're probably just walking home from their job at FedEx and were going to ask the officer for a ride to church.