VIDEO: Surveillance Captured Brutal Beating Of Correction Officer

A New York correction officer was brutally attacked by an inmate at the Brooklyn Detention Complex on Tuesday.

Brooklyn, NY – Surveillance video inside the Brooklyn Detention Complex captured the brutal beating of a correction officer by a murder suspect on Tuesday (video below).

Authorities said the correction officer was attacked at about 1:40 p.m. on Aug. 7 when an inmate trapped him in an upstairs hallway, WPIX reported.

The video showed the correction officer going from the stairwell and through a gate into the hallway. He closed the gate behind him but it did not appear he had locked it.

Suddenly, an inmate ran up the stairs behind the officer and followed him into the hallway, the video showed.

The video showed the inmate, who was identified by sources as Pariis Tillery, confronted the officer, WPIX reported.

Tillery is charged with murdering Rysheen Ervin in eastern New York in September of 2016 with New York State Senator Jesse Hamilton as a witness, according to WPIX.

In the video, the inmate got close up to the correction officer, pushing him up against the gate in a threatening manner, and then backing him up down the hallway.

That’s when two more inmates bounded up the stairs and joined the excitement.

The two new arrivals appeared to block the correction officer’s escape by standing in front of the gate into the stairwell. All three inmates were significantly larger in stature than the correction officer, the video showed.

Emboldened by the other inmates, Tillery slammed the correction officer against a jail cell in the video. Then the two men engaged in a struggle that sent them out into the stairwell.

The video showed the other two inmates backed out of the way and down the stairs when the struggle began. They stood on the landing just below and watched the fight, occasionally going up a few stairs to get closer for a better view.

That’s when the correction officer pepper sprayed Tillery, and the inmate grabbed him by the back of the neck and began pounding the correction officer repeatedly with his right fist.

Then Tillery was able to get behind the correction officer and put him in a headlock, the video showed.

From that position, Tillery picked up the officer from behind and bodyslammed him onto the floor.

At that point, the inmate jumped on top of the correction officer, straddling him as he continued to throw punches at his head.

The officer struggled to protect his face and head as the blows rained down on him, the video showed.

The inmates who had left came back up to see how the fight was progressing because their view was blocked once the officer was on the ground.

The video showed Tillery didn’t get off the correction officer’s back until the man stopped moving entirely.

Then Tillery popped up and walked off down the hallway as if nothing had happened, the video showed.

The watchers took off down the stairwell at the point, and less than 10 seconds later, two more correction officers ran up the stairs and found the fallen officer.

At the very end of the video, it looked as if they initially planned to roll their colleague over to check him, but then thought better of moving the severely injured man.

Sources said the unconscious correction officer was transported to the hospital with a broken nose and a broken jaw, WPIX reported.

Officials said another correction officer was attacked on duty the very next day, when he was jumped and beaten by five Bloods gang members.

However, no information about that correction officer’s injuries or where the attack occurred was available, according to WPIX.

New York Correction Officers' Benevolent Association President Elias Husamudeen released a statement that was very critical of the New York mayor and the Correction Department commissioner for allowing the brutal assaults on correction officers to continue unabated.

“Today, in The Brooklyn House of Detention, a New York City Correction Officer was brutally assaulted and beaten by an inmate. This marks the third assault on one of our Correction Officers in less than two weeks. The officer is now being treated at a hospital for his injuries,” Husamudeen wrote.

“My message to Mayor Bill de Blasio and Commissioner Cynthia Brann is what are you doing to prevent these assaults besides from simply rearresting and transferring assaultive inmates from one jail to the next?” he asked “What are you doing to stop these emboldened inmates who are assaulting Correction Officers nearly every week?”

You can see the video of the attack below:

No. 1-13

Most inmates within NYC jails are detainees and have not been convicted of their accused criminal actions. In the eyes of the law in accordance to our Constitution, they are innocent until proven guilty.

Inmates that have been sentenced for 1 year or less are housed in a facility for sentenced inmates within the NYCDOC system. Inmates sentenced for more than 1 year get sent to NYSDOC Prison System. There is a difference, jail is not prison.

Occasionally NYSDOC inmates (convict) will come into the NYDOC for either an open case against him/her or an appeal.


You mean to tell me that the criminals filed claims in NY that they wanted more freedom to move around their entire complex free and WON??? NY you are nothing but a bunch of liberal idiots‼️ Your law enforcement officers are now under constant ATTACK because of your idiotic and stupidity‼️ WTF is wrong with you idiots??‼️

Eddie K
Eddie K

I worked in Brooklyn House of Detention. All movement is by elevator which is operated by C.O.'s. The video was not operational. That is not BKHDM in the picture. Pictured is what I believe to be Brooklyn Detention Complex, which is a facility that I do not know.

In Brooklyn House, housing area Officers were assigned Personal Body Alarms. The A post Officer was assigned a 2 way radio, in addition to the PBA. Use of force and assaults on staff happen. Jail is a high crime rate neighborhood. Incidents do not happen in a vacuum. Something happened previously, whether it was from out in the street, or inside the facility. The events that preceeded this event has not been reported upon in this article.

Unescorted movement and other things are because of the minimum standards and consent decrees that inmates sued NYC for and won. Only certain times and or certain inmates (depending upon their classification status ) are escorted.

I wish all my brother and sister Officers a safe tour of duty. I will pray for a hedge of protection around them for their entire career. I will pray for my brothers jaw to heal quickly and infection free and for healing of all injuries that he endured during this attack.

After taking a better look at the stairwell, it looks like the B side of a housing area in BKHDM. It looks like the Officer was assaulted on the upper tier. I don't want to play Monday morning quarterback. Did the A post Officer see and hear anything, and if not, then why not. The A post officer should've been aware that his/her B post Officer went into the B side tiers. This happened in a housing area and unescorted movement had no part in this incident. Inmates are only locked in their cells during count times and for most of the midnight tour.


The bigger question is, why are inmates allowed to freely wander around like this? No control or lack of control significantly contributes to incidents like this. No high-risk inmate should be allowed out of a controlled area unless escorted by a minimum of two inmates.

Boogers Allday
Boogers Allday

I wonder if the prison can be sued for not providing enough safety for the correctional officer or adequate facility to handle such dangerous inmates, knowing full well these type of inmates would attack correctional officers?